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Thread: i have a new found optimism the takeover will go through

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    i have a new found optimism the takeover will go through

    i number of reasons i think,
    the club are offering contract extensions to players like Gayle, Carroll, Fernandez, Dummett etc, when surely getting them off the wage bill would be Mike Ashleys first concern for the championship.
    Bruce referred to Gayle's contract offer as "good news for HIM" rather than good news for us/club
    Stavely's husband liking twitter posts regarding the club over the last week
    Jamie Ruben doing the same
    Nick DM starting his pictures again with brown ale and newcastle referenced.

    I think something has shifted in the last few weeks, maybe im jumping to conclusions.

    im always looking for positives

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    I hope you're right I can't believe how badly we are playing and what a shat show of a club we have become.

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    I've given up thinking about it.

    We've gone from being on the verge of being the richest club in the world to almost certain relegation within the space of a year.

    We all know what's coming and the stark reality is that there's a far, far greater chance of us doing a double relegation than there is of us having a takeover.

    And with Ashley and Bruce, that's not even pessimism-it's just how it is.

    Sorry...that's not quite the response you wanted.

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    I’ve not given it thought since PIF pulled out last summer. If it happens, great, but I don’t let it play on my mind.

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    I admire your optimism Tanya, I really do.

    But my belief in it, is in the toilet.

    I hope it happens, I'm not expecting it though.

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    This legal action just seems to me, a way Ashley can recoup money he feels he has lost... he will keep a hold of his free advertising cash cow and milk it for all it is worth...

    Despite optimism from people who do seem to know more about the deal than I do... I believe it is dead... we are just being cruelly tortured until the last breath is taken.

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    I think it was also critical to stay in the division and The Cabbage of Misery looks like he will well and truly fück that up.

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    well either way, we will know around the end of May if we are going to have a new owner and what division we are playing in.

    Arbitration started last week , probably why Stavelys husband, Jamie Ruben and NDM have come out of the woodwork and started to comment on things NUFC after a long time quiet.

    Depending on how the arbitrators are holding the case ( either submitting written papers and evidence for each sides case OR hearings in person, covid might have an impact )

    If its a written paper case, each side has 7 days to respond to arguments or raise question on the other sides case, so could go back and forth but in all honesty, a deal of this magnitude, they will have their ducks lined up and in order.

    id expect the arbitrators to close the process by the end of April
    The decision is usually made within 6 weeks. If its in our favour, i expect a swift approval if not we are legally fecked.

    Steve Bruce has the job of keeping us in the premier league, this is a harder task because he is not at the top of his field like our legal team, in all honesty he is utter **** at what he does and wouldn't surprise me if he ****s it all up

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    In all honesty, he has already Tanya.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ex_pat_magpie View Post
    In all honesty, he has already Tanya.
    ha conspiracy:::::

    cashley is gonna get the money he feels he has lost via arbitration and has ordered bruce to get us relegated so he doesn't need to sell to saudis

    win win ; he gets compen and keeps the club to sell another day

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