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Thread: Frank, I've been dipping my snout into the European news media output.

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    Frank, I've been dipping my snout into the European news media output.

    It seems that the UK government can envisage a time when the UK will have vaccinated everyone and then it will have vaccine to spare. Such vaccine cannot be kept indefinitely for subsequent use. It has a 'jab by' date. We gave large orders to 8 would-be providers with the clause that they had to produce a vaccine that passed our stringent tests. They all did so. Thus we will fulfil our contract to buy substantial amounts of all of them. When the time comes that all the UK population has been jabbed, the UK government will route the excess vaccine to Eire. Macron is absolutely f­ucking livid. But I fail to see why he is livid. We will be sending this vaccine to an EU c­untery. He should be utterly org­asmic.

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    Hello Dick, just seen this, my eyes arnt the best.

    Nothing GB does will please the EU. They said from the beginning that GB will be punished to warn others that leaving will not come without punishment, and they meant it. Other EU countries can do a much better deal with the UK outside of Europe, and the ramifications of that are yet to be seen.

    Power is in the hands of a few, namely Macron and Merkle, they formulate policy that is voted on, with the expectation that its all passed, which it is.

    To loosen their grip on power may result in another war, they wont let it go through democracy. What GB is getting is an economic and psychological conflict.

    Poland and Hungary and another country i cant remember who, are forging alliances within the EU, with what is called right wing. Anything not Eu is seen as divisive. The health authority in Birmingham i used to work for joined the greater alliance of Birmingham health, with the notion that a big organisation holds more power than a lot of little ones, and can change things.

    The error of that is now being displayed via the EU , a big organisation is unwieldy, slow, and operates for the benefit of those who run it, not for its constituents.

    A small organisation has far more autonomy, gets things done, and serves its populace much better than a beurocracy, who serves its own ends. It listens to its smallest voices, and is not distracted by other concerns.

    Bless the day we left, power, freedom, autonomy, is in our own hands, every voice is heard, not discarded, things get done, decisions are made, money is not wasted on inaction and paralysis of decision by the few.

    The blessings as such are bound to dawn, there will be a new Europe, separate but together, able to steer there own ship.

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