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Thread: Tips for predictocompers.

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    Tips for predictocompers.

    The important guidelines are thus, league position, current form, team news. Team news is very important, you will need to check the team news of 24 clubs.

    If you want to compete. How do you think Griff is top, or the consistency of Piglet? Lets see a denial of team news research.

    I think it is in order to question whether Griff continues as compere considering all the mistakes he makes. I am joking of course, i thought id brighten up your day. Anyway, i have awarded myself top spot in predictocomp, because i would have won it, and have paid myself my money.

    I am the champion. I know you wont agree, and i may even attract some flak, but in my reality, I DECIDE who wins and who loses.

    Rolf of Torquay

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    ......whereas, in this reality, you sit in a pool of your own dribble, going “wibble”.

    I don’t check team news. I usually wait until Thursday and look at form over the last 6 matches. Easily checked from the league tables provided by BBC sports. It takes about 10 minutes and seems to have worked OK so far.

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    I've never looked at form or where teams are in the league,I just put in random predictions depending on what I'm feeling at that precise second,it stood me well for the first month

    Are you going to do a prediction comp on the Cambridge board Frank,I will enter if you are

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    Youve just upset griff. I am considering starting my own, and have my own rules. Considering your points results so to speak, i might award you good try points to help you along. If Piglet enters, i will deduct points for tardy posting, spelling mistakes, or that he is too good.

    Whatever sanctions i impose they cannot be appealed against or rescinded.

    I will have a prize pot of a thousand pounds. There will be a night at the local working mens club where i will present myself with the trophy, i will buy one, and drink to my success. You will all be invited, though i doubt anyone will attend. In fact, why wait?, ive just won the 21-22 title.

    Well done Frankie. Raising a glass tonight, and will transfer £1,ooo from one account to another.

    Rocky of Glebe Road.

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