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Thread: Dyche struggling for a suitable explanation.

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    Dyche struggling for a suitable explanation.

    Having seen the interview following today’s game , it seems as though SD is struggling for suitable explanations following the latest defeat. We have been used to him saying “ it’s a game of fine margins” or “it was a strange game”. Now he’s comparing costs of squads to try to paper over the cracks which are getting bigger every week. It’s no good stating the obvious, when everyone has been aware of it for god knows how long.When we’ve had some great results this season, I don’t think he mentioned cost of squads then. A couple of weeks ago, I was fully expecting us to reach at least 40 points. Now, looking at the run in, we’ll be lucky to get 36/37 . I still think we are going to be fine, despite what others on this board tend to think.What i’d Like to see in the summer ,is some outlying plans, giving us some direction and hope for the future. It’s the least we deserve.

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    I'm fast going off the idea of renewing season tickets for August.

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    Relegation or not I think the writing is on the wall for SD.He will be leaving of his own accord because he knows the 50m spunked on paying out the avid BFC fans Garlick and Co, should have been spent at least partly on strengthening the squad and he probably knows the funds that will be made available will be nowhere near what is required to rejuvenate the present squad.
    The whole situation stinks and he knows that if he keeps us up then he has worked miracles again and I sense judging by some of the comments in his post match interviews that he is at the end of his tether trying to keep us in the PL on a shoestring.The details of the current takeover only suggest that situation will continue so why stay when he can go elsewhere and at least get some backing.

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    "details are Key"

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    If and it is a big if we survive this season, then the new owners have some hard decisions to make. Do they back Sean Dyche and let him bring in more of the same sort of players or do they spend wisely on some talented younger players. If they choose the second option of looking for young talent then Dyche will need to make a decision on whether to stay and change his style of play or go. Personally I hope we go looking for talented younger players, I am completely fed up with Dycheball after eight years. What was the point of all our high crosses into the box today the Newcastle centre backs were more than a match for Chris Wood, but our goal came when the ball was kept low, could our management team not see that.

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