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Thread: Trez out for the rest of the season

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    Trez out for the rest of the season

    Trez is going to have surgery on his knee ligaments. I don't believe reports that it is the ACL as you are immobilised from such a tear. Given that he tried to carry on I believe it to be a medial ligament as I have torn my interior medial ligaments five times, and after the first time, carried on in goal for a good ten minutes after it happened. It took six months max to heal first time, but its now frayed to pieces, I can't even kick a ball now.

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    Its a shame for the bloke, whatever one might think about his level, he gives it 100% and thats all you can ask of anyone, hope its not ACL cos by the time he was back from that the squad should be to good for him, I hope.

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