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Thread: Oh dear, folk looking for us to go 7th tonight

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    Oh dear, folk looking for us to go 7th tonight

    Well let's make it an accumulator bet all to happen tonight :-

    We go 7th
    Jeremy Corbyn joins the Conservative Party
    Graham Norton marries Martina Navratilova

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    Ill turn gay and sleep with the BBC, they are all gay. Ill get tattoos that cover my neck and arms, with a crucifix below one eye, like Marcus Maddisson the ex posh player, who is feeling sorry for himself.

    I will imbibe LSD, and coke for breakfast.

    I will report anyone who says the word lads, or who does not take the knee, and denies being racist, if you are white.

    I will change my s ex, and not see it as self mutilation.

    Like Corbyn, worship anything that is anti British.

    I hope this makes me a good socialist, a middle of the road socialist, and sees 7th as impossible. Whatever the league position, its endless, it means nowt. You only think it does, and is glory by association. Ask any pedestrian in Cambridge City centre wot they fink of Carlisle reaching 7th.

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