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Thread: Middlesbrough Post Match Thoughts

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    Middlesbrough Post Match Thoughts

    We can bemoan our poor defending for their goals and we can bemoan our inability to put in decent free kicks or pass to our own players but let's not kid ourselves, the entire course of that game was changed in the 18th minute by a man who whipped out that red card quicker than I hide my wallet when it's my round Unfortunately, as has been the case for a couple of months now, their seems to be an impending sense of how this is all going to end. Even Pandora's box is now empty.


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    Ref killed that game and may just have sent us down.

    Actually a decent display of character tonight but you have to question why a man who had recently been embarrassed by us was allowed to officiate that game.

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    Is Wiles a boy, a lad or just out of form?

    Can Sadlier pass to a red shirt?

    Is Hirst worth bringing on again he’s a foul machine?

    I expected relegation but this is hard to watch

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    Canít believe at the end that Warney touched fists with the ref instead of sticking the nut on him.

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    The ref has cost us the game and probably our place in the league. You'd have thought he would think a bit longer after the Hillsborough howler. Gutting.

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    Agree with Narnendee (not sure if name is correctly spelt, sorry) on the match thread.

    Just disillusioned with football in this league. That sums up how I feel perfectly.

    Why oh why is it too much to ask for to have a fair crack at the whip? Yes we struggle in many areas and pretty much all teams have better quality than us but throughout this season we have been absolutely done by officials.

    I've never ever seen anyone sent off for foul play using their head, has anyone else? Violent conduct maybe but foul play with your head? Behave.

    Oh and Wiles was appaling and should never have stayed on but whatever.

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    **** **** ******* referee spoilt what could have been a good game . I'm not one for theories about referees being against us but it does make you wonder sometimes . The ******

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    Quote Originally Posted by sota View Post
    Canít believe at the end that Warney touched fists with the ref instead of sticking the nut on him.
    Yes noticed some of our players bumping fist with ref as well passion for our club I guess

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    I hate VAR but this referee is making a one man case to keep it! Hard to assess the performance after his game changing mistake. I would say that we are very poor at stopping wide balls coming into our area before the sending off and for most of the season.

    As we know we have several players who are triers but are just not upto Champsionship quality.

    Looks like its going to end in failure but I would still back Paul Warne in League One. Who wants to go back to the big name appointments like Stubbs and Jackett!
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    This represents all thatís wrong about Football.

    Of all the clubs having no fans I believe we were hit the most. We could have been the twelfth man but to be fair we had been playing against 12 men the whole game.

    It is our home record (14 losses) that will send us down.

    We will not come back from this & I think Wednesday now have a better chance of catching Derby.

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