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Thread: Fan engagement

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    Fan engagement

    Not the CUFC that I know….

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    This table is obviously based on metrics rather than substance. NC quite rightly says that since he arrived the club has answered more questions and given more information than ever. There is the regular CUSG meeting, which probably scores highly for this table.

    But in terms of information given out, much of it is lightweight stuff. If you want to know how many biros the club has bought this season you will be told how many and which colours. But if you want to know anything of genuine substance you will be disappointed.

    Anyone who asks a substantial question and gets a response will be counted in the 'engagement' statistics, regardless of the response being of someone 'playing it with his pads'.

    Carlisle United being second in the whole 92 in this table tells us as much as we need to know about the validity of it.

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