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Thread: We actually played today

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    We actually played today

    And typically through it away, gifting man utd there mandatory 3 points.
    Please let the season end now.....

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    Thought we did ok for much of the game mate, Luiz was rightly castigated by Konza for giving the pen away and even at 1-0 as a Villa fan against them there's that air of inevitability. Mings has been sent to school by Greenwood far too easily too, and they've had a helping hand from the ref again - the Greenwood handball would have been given had it been one of ours.

    Watkins now suspended for a game - finally Davis will get a chance to prove himself.

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    Yes agreed, cannot understand the ref giving Ollie his marching orders but what do you expect when he supports the reds!
    Such a bitty game, good bad and the ugly.
    Luiz is a fool, any touch on a utd player in the box and they are down
    Martynez should haved saved Greenwoods shot
    Pen 1 Greenwood handball
    Pen 2 Ollie clipped, he did not dive
    Mings is turning into a liability.
    Barkley, please get rid now.
    Credit to Traore, his goal made up for some woefull defending.
    Smith once again, his tactics wrong.
    Nakamaba should have played instead of Berkley.
    Overall, a very predictable score, no surprises there but one day we will beat these cheats, hopefully I will still be around to see it.
    Lets see if he actually plays Davis on Thursday, I would appeal the 2nd yellow though.

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    cant appeal yellow cards Im afraid, even 2nd yellows that result in a sending off, absolute disgrace of a decision from possibly the most one eyed ref in this league. He was so anxious to give them a penalty he was pointing to the spot before pogba hit the ground! I dont know where the FA goes next tbh, VAR has been an absolute shambles, our refereeing standards are getting worse, and thats not just a personal opinion, its backed up by NO english referee being asked to officiate at the last world cup, and I will be very surprised if that trend changes much in the near future. The heads of the refs association need to be independent in my opinion, it is currently to much of an old boys network, its part of the reason VAR doesnt work, they are rarely prepared to acknowledge a cock up from one of their own. Probably the best football leagues in the world run by essentially corrupt and weak officialls. Rant over, back in my box for a few days, nurse, the medication, quickly!!!

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