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Thread: When Clarkie left us for Leeds, in 1980

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    When Clarkie left us for Leeds, in 1980

    I've been watching some of the vids about when he joined them, and for various reasons he never quite seemed to hit it off with them, especially with his at times difficult attitude. Although I agree with his idea that results should count before entertaining football at first, especially when a team are struggling.

    Remember he tried man management techniques with us and they worked very well, but the fall out between him and Trevor Aylott certainly could have been handled better by both parties. But Clarke's departure, proved to be Hunter'a appointment and that brought the best out of big Trev didn't it!.

    Despite the brilliant job he did here, was there ever a time here in the late 70s when Clarke had us playing boring and defensively, which is what other players and fans started accusing him of when he joined them ?. I started supporting the 'Tykes' towards the end of 1980, in what was a promotion season of course, and the rest is history.
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