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Thread: What more can we do?

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    What more can we do?

    Support Thomas an Liam
    encourage them throughout
    end the anti Tony feelings for now
    Want success - we may get it
    Dont keep the negativity - guy hasnt managed yet


    and decide

    welcome thomas. Communicate now and often. Good luck.

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    its all over to the club and the management team now to deliver, the fans, as usual have played their part with ST's etc

    Need to get signings sorted, a few new faces will appease the support some way then of course its what happens on the park that really matters

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    Happy with this approach and if course am behind the team 100%,
    As for Anti Tony it's a forum and I just voiced my opinion, if folk disagree up to them
    Roll on July and getting back to where we should be

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    Don't worry about it, enjoy the Euros, look forward to the league cup.

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    I honestly hope it works out . St Johnstone winning the double and dindee ensuring there is 3 tayside derbies next year should be exciting times ahead for the tayside clubs. New firm Derby too and the dons will also appreciate another game against Dundee!

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