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Thread: Sky's Euro Chav Breakfast

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    Sky's Euro Chav Breakfast

    Absolutely criminal. Es*** love-in, incomprehensible bullsh1t.

    The girl with the 'Haribo ad voice', some 2 hatter from a reality show and Crawley Town, and Olly ***cing Murs.

    Hang you heads in shame, Sky, you've reached a new low in broadcasting.

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    Sky is a joke, everything is breaking news...🙄 pumping up the Anti racism. Before that guy in America got killed, did we actually have a problem! I have stopped watching the news infact, when I get time to watch tv its a docu-dramas. Watching 'In plain sight' and 'Time' sky movies, all repeats with fancy titles, I can just stream when I want to.....TV is saturated with clickbait.

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