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Thread: Fixtures of note New season 21/22

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    Fixtures of note New season 21/22

    Watford A-1st game
    Utd A -25th Sept
    Chelsea H - Boxing day

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    Bit of a strange one this year, Dave. I look at the fixtures without fear, anticipation, or enthusiasm. It’s the same with the Euros, it’s just, ‘Meh’.

    Is it the complete saturation of football during the Pandemic? Although extremely welcome at the time, I just feel so burned out with it all. I still enjoy reading up about The Villa, however, the thought of sitting through 38+ matches, makes my chin just slouch down onto my chest.

    Sorry for being a ‘fun sponge’, maybe seeing Scotland getting a good tonking will lift my spirits.

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    I love fixture release day finding out who we've got first game, Boxing Day, New Years Day etc
    Also always keen to see who we play the last day, especially if it's away, which happens to be Man City next season.
    Could that be a title clinching game for...........?

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    I'm the same regarding fixtures. We have to play everyone twice so no bothered what order.
    My only interest is for fantacy football (not that I take it seriously) unlike sam.

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    Not Watford! Not Deeney's face! Ugh!!

    Can't wait for the season EV. Fans will be back and VP will be heaving. The quietness of the stadiums and the patronising sound effects brought us all to our knees

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