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Thread: Initial impressions

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    Initial impressions

    can often be wrong.

    I'm watching the ITV Euros programme and, initially, it looked like the D or even the E team had rocked up. It's Emma Hayes, the Chelsea women's manager and Rob Earnshaw.

    My first thought was 'wow, they're scraping the bottom of the barrel here'...Hayes looks like someone they hauled away from the till at a high street greetings card shop and Earnshaw is wearing a bizarre Napoleonic war-era tunic and looked like he should have been in the Eurotrash studio with Antione de Caunes.


    as soon as they started their analysis I felt guilty about my assumptions as Hayes' tactical analysis was absolutely spot on and Earnshaw spoke extremely well and was very knowledgeable, too. Streets ahead of Jenas and Richards.

    Lesson? Give folk a chance.

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    or...never judge a book by its cover!

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