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Thread: Global Power Rankings

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    Global Power Rankings

    In these somewhat grandly named world rankings Leeds have moved up to 36th so the club must be doing something right!

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    Who is around us?

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    Quote Originally Posted by joellufcprice View Post
    Who is around us?
    I believe the likes of Roma, West Ham and Everton

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    Not exactly objective but.....

    that seems low. would have thought that other than 1 or 2 teams in some leagues the top 10 prem teams would be way up on this list.

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    It's called the Global Soccer Rankings.. based on perceived strength of squad... it has Brighton above us! We are just behind Benfica, ahead of Getafe... position much in line with the Annual Brand Value Rankings, I mentioned in transfers thread a while back, where Leeds are a new entry at 40 in Brand Value and 43 in Brand strength if that makes a difference, expect them to get into top 25 this year with more PL exposure = bigger sponsorship deals

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