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Thread: Anyone else feeling positive about the season ?

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    Anyone else feeling positive about the season ?

    Maybe inexplicably, I am both excited and positive about the forthcoming season.
    I knew nothing about Valerian, but he has generated some enthusiasm in me. Clearly, the proof will be in the pudding, but I like his early disciplined approach and commitment expectations of the players.
    Early doors I know, but far better than I was expecting.
    Canít wait !!

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    Sadly, I don’t think that I will have an increase in enthusiasm until the tw@t in China no longer owns the club.

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    Nope season kicks off in just over 2 weeks and weíve signed a trialist a loan and a free transfer !!!!!!!

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    I am struggling to be positive but and it is a big but, I don’t think the Championship is very strong this year. With the parachute payments to help I could easily see us, Sheffield U and Fulham all coming straight back up. Not because any of us are good squads but just because the gulf in class between the two leagues is that big.

    I certainly expect the two automatic places to be filled from the 3 relegated sides. After that the lottery that is the play offs could always throw up a surprise. Am though looking forward to seeing us compete each week and hopefully win plenty of games.

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    Itís the Albion Prando so anything could happen! More positive trepidation from me!

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    I am actually excited by the season.

    Ismael feels a lot different from the last few managers we have had. I like the way he handles himself, and I like the fact he integrates youth, I like that he wants to play high press football and I'm happy we've given him a 4 year contract. Which indicates he will be given some time at the club to integrate his philosophy.

    So I am actually optimistic. Feels like a new dawn at the club.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickd1961 View Post

    Great impression from Val but no signings! Like any company who fails to invest - you get weaker and weaker whilst those who do invest overtake you!! The little W anker in China needs to go f uck himself!

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    Elated to be going to my seat in the East Stand, but when it comes to the Albion I am never positive. I been kicked in the ba lls by them to ever be positive.

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    Going up as Champions with 100 plus points COYB

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