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^^^^^ yep, this ^^^^^

And fit DD said.

Be careful fit you wish for folks, the state is really beginning to take advantage of the situation now - slippery slope like.

2-0 Dons - JET & Ramirez
Nae a bad prediction that for once

I enjoyed that yesterday. Totally bossed the game and were never in any danger, despite what that delusional joot manager was saying at full time.

We played some nice stuff, pressed well and did everything required against an admittedly pretty pish joot 11.

As others have said, the 2 young lads at FB were excellent - Ramsay particularly - his work for the second goal was an absolute delight.

Ferguson will learn a lot playing next to Brown. Those two can be very good this year so hopefully Fergie stays.

Really like the look of Ramirez. Great touch and link up play, works really hard and presses high up the park and seems to know where the goals are - he'll do for me so far.

Let's hope we can keep this up moving forward. If so I may have pished my pants unnecessarily pre season - COYR