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Thread: Dementia and Heading the ball

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    Dementia and Heading the ball

    Another serious topic, just where is this going and what next for football? Only 10 headers allowed each week in training, I did not think they actually headed a ball in training, More 5 aside!!
    Some players like Anwar and Traore actually avoid heading the ball anyway so they are good to go but what about the game, should the players wear protective hats? Should the goalkeeper not be allowed to take GKs? Was the issue more the type of football, you know the ones that got really heavy when wet and with a bladder inside!
    Its obviously a very sensitive subject and something needs to be done but what, you cannot completely take heading out the game.
    My Mother died from Dementia, horrible illness and death but were these sportsmen destined to get it anyway, I mean how do you get it, my mother didnt play Footy or Rugby but got it and,well, you know the story.
    Thoughts on this new ruling anyone...

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    A serious and sensitive topic indeed. Be interesting to see some statistics as to how many players have suffered with dementia over the years. Like you say people from all walks of life have suffered with it so is it really related to heading a football or would these players have suffered with it even if they hadn't have played? If it is deemed that there is a correlation then surely boxing should be banned?

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    Again Staffs, the type of ball may be a huge factor, as I said I grew up playing football with what they called a Caser Ball, used to hurt like hell and heading that used to send you dizzy. Today the ball is more like a balloon in comparison. The guys who have died from this terrible desease came from an era of the dreaded caser ball.
    It brings in to question not only football but Rugby and Boxing!

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    A serious subject indeed, I think its fairly well know that any regular impact to the brain area is likely to cause some sort of damage, but I dont know whether they have yet proved a direct link with dementia, there was an interesting documentary about it in relation to football specifically which I think Alan Shearer was involved in, which seemed to indicate it might be the case. Given the pain and disorientation I remember from heading a soggy "casey" back in the day, and occasionally recieving it via a wayward volley or two , I cant imagine it not having some effect, but as you say TD, you would think there should be some comparative correlation with the ball type used now and then.

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