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Thread: That there flipping “newspaper “

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    That there flipping “newspaper “

    Is anyone having trouble with that bloody chronicle? Same with mirror. You start reading an article and it suddenly jumps back to top of page or freezes or flip flops all over. News is getting harder to hear (read) by the day.

    Sorry for the rant like people

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    Have you got an ad blocker running, mate? If you have, try using a different browser.

    And the Chron goes through periods where it's unreadable.

    And often that's because it's just shite.

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    News sites seem to be getting harder and harder to read. The Daily Fail has to be the worst layout i've come across

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    Chronicle videos are a ball ache too - fair enough, they need to include an advert but the whole thing takes ages to load, even on an iPad.

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    Chronicle has been a nightmare on web-browersers.

    However, been fine for me on phone.

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    I’ m having no problems with the chronic because I stopped reading it about two years ago after reading it every day for years before that. Couldn’t stand it anymore.

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    I've had no problem with any of them except the Daily Fail now wont let me in if I don't disable my Adguard.

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