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Thread: Back to basics

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    Back to basics

    Have you ever heard so much rubbish in all your life “ the players have responded well to instructions given on the training ground” run here when this happens run there when this happens !!! Am I the only person who finds this completely unbelievable that professional footballers are having to be told how to do the basics it is like telling a postman\woman how to push an envelope through a letterbox or a bin man\woman how to load a bin on the back of the wagon and then repeating it after they have done the job for a few years !! What the hell is going on ? Are we expected to listen to this pile of crap and then spend our hard earned money of which I hasten to had I have never had to retrained on what I should be doing to watch this hapless bunch of clowns and the morons leading them this is really starting to make my blood boil !! I think as fans we should leave then to it stop at home until they have all sodded off that is my final rant tonight but it takes the biscuit !!!!!
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    Refresher sessions are always worth. Sometimes things become too complicated and then their is a need to reacquaint with the basics.
    If you are overlooking some of the basics then it is sometimes reassuring to re-focus.
    Did you never do any on the job training, Wartman?

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    Crackin post Wartman - and I think a lot of us are sharing your anguish and frustration.

    Just go back to the basic that says score more goals than you let in, and we'll do okay. 🤞

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