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    ot - Attn, Roma

    Hello my old friends and othe friends on this site.Just to let you know I am back home in Filey.I got back yesterday afternoon after a horrendous last month or so including a fall which kept me off my feet for a while.However I have my back legs working again with the help of a stick and the front legs are not too bad.This afternoon I had a short walk on Filey beach with my little dog Millie which was absolutely wonderful.For all on this site who waiting for hospital treatment I wish you well including Rod Curry,get well soon mate.I wish I could see some improvement in the Reds team but I am afraid the writing is on the wall for relegation with this load of owners who should never have been allowed to buy the club.This must be the worst era in the history of our club,I for one will be glad to see the back of them and then we can go back to be a proper football club.

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    I've been wondering how you we're getting on this weekend , glad you're back in the place you love ♥, you take care and keep warm , it's turning colder so get heating turned up !!
    Regards Roma

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    Look after thissen and keep posting.

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