From Be Just and Fear Not FB:

Nigel Clibbens

I canít answer every question on social media, Or even on this tread, Iíd love to but itís not physically possible - but itís important supporters know I am listening - I hear what you are saying. I get it. Your message gets through to the heart of the club into to boardroom.
I understand the fans frustrations, worries and fears. I read them on here, listen to fans when they speak to me at games and when fans shout and rage at me - like last night. They are understandable in the circumstances. I understand what you are saying and how you feel.
I see our problems too, they are real and clear to me, but I am definitely not accepting them. Now way. There is no hiding from them. We must face up and deal with them. I wonít hide from you all either.
The board understand what fans think and what fans need and want from them. No doubt about it - itís my job to make sure they do.
They do care too - they are lifelong fans too. They know their responsibility and everyone is looking to them and relying on them too. They know what is at stake.
The club is full of good people and staff who donít want us to be in this position either or want fans to feel this way about us or the club. They are fighting hard every day for the club too.
I am doing everything in my power to ensure everyone within the club, gives absolutely everything to make things better and to deal with ďthe current state we are inĒ . Whether thatís financially, communication and talking to fans or the ownership or anything else. Thatís from shareholders down.
It starts with a total commitment to supporting Keith Millen with all he needs to turn things around on the pitch. Thatís what counts most now.
Iíve seen question on income and finances too. Thankfully we can face all this with no day-to-day financial worries overshadowing us and hold us back. Our finances are better than planned this year and the recent PL support is extra too.
All your support is fantastic given our tough time on the pitch. Gates are the best for since 16/17. The current home average is the third best In the last 11 years - taking out away fans.
I have no doubt we are blessed by the support we have. Itís humbling. I never ever take it for granted and wonít while ever Iím here.
I also see the growing calls for fan action against the board, demos, boycotts etc and I just would say this - and it wonít be popular - but thatís the CEO job!
I understand and feel the helplessness of some fans and the desire to force change because promise of change have not become reality.
The honestly believe damage from fighting that battle now could be irreparable.
That fight now definitely wonít help us rise up the league, and itís hard to see how it would do anything but make it more difficult in getting players in or winning.
The only thing that matters from until the end of this season is doing all we all can to get up table. Full stop. Anything that risks that will do the club no good.
That is not about avoiding the issue or looking after personal positions either. I accept this is a real tough ask for many fans just now - I again get why - but I always get the job of giving the tough message.
I am realistic there will likely be a time for the other stuff but itís not now. The time is now to set aside all of that and put the club on the field first. I donít doubt you all understand why I say it - even if you might disagree.
The board of the club know they need stand up for the good of the club too. The time is now - to be counted.
I have a meeting with fan groups on Monday night and there will be a big update from me next week too.
Answering everyone on social media is not possible but my door is always open. Iím always outside on the West Side pre match and you can email the club or ring me.
Even I you donít like me or what I say, I promise I always have and will continue to do all I can for CUFC. The Club comes first.
Sorry itís long