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Thread: Can anyone think

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    Can anyone think

    Of a stupider action on the pitch by one of our players than the one we've just seen from Clark?

    Given the timing-10 minutes in and he wasn't guaranteed to score anyway.

    Given the pressure the team are under tonight.

    Given our current defensive record.

    Given the importance of the game in our season

    Given that these opponents our the very last team we can afford to lose to

    In the light of everything, I think that was THE stupidest thing I've ever seen one of our players do.

    Bowyer and Dyer fighting on the pitch was dumb. Steven Taylor pretending the ball had hit him in the chest.

    Mike Williamson EVER shooting.

    All stupid.

    But nowhere near as brain-meltingly moronic as that.

    What a stupid bastard.

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    He'll live to regret it. I'll wager he'll be one of the first out next window.

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    Agreed Zip.

    Other things you mentioned were stupid and cost either in game, or in reputation.

    But this. . .Could cost us the entire season etc.

    Stupid moron - agreed Pat, think he'll be out.

    He'll still do a job for chimpo side though. JUst not at prem level anymore.

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    Joey Barton red card v Liverpool in the first Ashley relegation comes close but this one is worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bix01 View Post
    Joey Barton red card v Liverpool in the first Ashley relegation comes close but this one is worse.
    Thing is with Barton you at least knew he was an explosion waiting to happen.

    Clark. . . he's just been quietly professional, just getting ****ter with age.

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    The Williamson one against Leicester was also uncalled for in many ways.

    Doesn’t beat this one either.

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    Needs to never play for us again and be given a free transfer in january

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    I rather play Darlow as CB.

    Hope I never see him in a toon shirt again.


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