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Thread: Where are we in the progress curve?

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    Where are we in the progress curve?

    Looks like if we can get through this season avoiding relegation we will have a half decent squad with at least three or four from the u23 becoming regular squad members.

    thoughts on the squad

    meslier - keep - will just get better
    Ayling - possible captain next year but time is running out for him age wise and he must be one that starts to become a squad player not a starter over the next 24 months if we want to kick on to top 6
    Firpo - showing signs of becoming the player he was signed to be - big, strong, quick and good going forward
    Llorente - best defender possibly - keep
    Koch - potentially better than Llorente if fit - keep
    Cooper - been a great captain and servant but hit his glass selling - sell given the strength we have here
    Hjelde - looks awesome - keep
    Struijk - possible starter - keep
    Cresswell - going to be a star and if he keeps developing a future captain - keep
    Drameh - looks like he will develop into a starting RB - keep
    Shackleton - very good player but not sure where he fits in - not sure
    Dallas - brilliant for us - keep but also not getting younger
    Klich - if he was a car he would fail his MOT - seems broken - sell
    Forshaw - been arguably our best player this year - keep
    Phillips - best player - keep
    Roberts - like him a lot but not working for him - sell
    Harrison - not sure he will ever get the confidence he needs - squad player and maybe move on
    James - looking better and young - keep
    Rapha - awesome - keep
    Bamford - keep
    Rodrigo - love him but not sure it is working for us or him - maybe sell and buy younger
    Joffy - will push Bamford to start next year - keep
    Bate - looks good but probably a full season away from being a regular squad player getting time
    Summerville - next season he should be a regular squad player getting game time - looks good
    McInstry - probably a season away from being a squad player who gets regular time
    Greenwood - as above
    Allen - still very young but looks awesome
    MAx Dean - looks like a carbon copy of Alan Smith
    Klassen - needs time but keep
    Van Heuvil - from what I have seen of the u23 - sell

    Wonder if we will bring Bogusz back - tearing it up in Spain but in the lower leagues
    Costa - sell
    Lief Davis - seems to have an attitude problem for all his talent - sell

    Others out on loan I think we will move on in the main.

    That probably leaves us needing another striker and at least 2 in midfield (just as we did this summer gone). Hope they buy big in the summer and spend the money to strengthen a clear weakness with very good players. Another quality young LB to back up Firpo would be good too

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    Goalkeeper back up - Hopey.

    Essentially Klaesson shot-stopping ability is his strength & he has the 'ability' to make big saves, however consistency, technique, footwork and positioning are required in the PL. The ability to defend the space between the goal & the defence decisions dealing with crosses & sweeping are areas they've been working very hard on with him, I hear, as MB 'requires' his keepers to have ability to distribute/receive the ball, support attacks & build attacks throughout the 90 mins plus.

    If you watch him in games [Youtube] he’s incredibly bouncy on his feet, starting with his hands by his sides and knees always slightly bent & visually ready with good concentration, offering clear vocal instructions. Recently though he's conceded several similar goals by his instinctive reaction of pushing shots back out into dangerous areas which has been 'focused' on & knocked his confidence, reports state. Lot of work to do for sure but Defo, has a differing style to Meslier so'll be interesting to see how he progresses.

    Great coaches & goalkeeper personal-trainer advisors at ER behind the scene, Robbo & Nigel Martyn do sessions with them, so should stand him in good stead while attempting to transition to the greater physical, technical & mental demands which come with PL football.

    Ps - Hopey, your pm box is full & wont receive messages until emptied.
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    Nice list. However, not sure it's realistic. We likely can't keep Phillips, Rapha and Meslier. We don't have stupid money or owners behind us and don't have the brand built up yet for worldwide merch sales. Scum, Chelski, Lpool and Citeh make enough money on that to buy one stupid transfer a year without any impact on bottom line.

    If I only was able to keep one I'd keep Meslier (if he wanted to stay). He's a future top 5 keep in the world. We would be set there for years. If we ever sold we could get absolute stupid money.

    Unfortunately, I think that Rapha and Phillips have already mentally checked out. Might get 100 million for Phillips and 75 for Rapha if things get crazy this summer and that would give us the money to lock in the great youth we have in the system for years along with a couple established stars. We will have a new coach next year and he may have different needs than our current coach.

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    Sorted MT

    Think if we spend money this summer - we get a decent chunk of PL money and 49ers may own us 100% by then - we will add to the squad - Kinnear said pretty much the same at the start of the season. If we do then Phillips may stay but if someone offers 100m we may want to sell anyway. Rapha I think lacks consistency this season so that may put those who can offer silly money off him but who knows.

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    I thought after last season ended that we would buy some quality to strengthen but was disappointed when it didn't happen. Giving contracts to Roberts and Harrison wasn't a step forward.. I thought signing quality players at the end of each season was how we'd progress but it all boils down to what we can afford. And we're a poundstretcher sorta customer in the football market.

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    To be fair we spend a decent chunk of cash but a lot of that was on either youngsters of infrastructure stuff - media facilities, pitches, training ground. James was 25m, Firpo 15 and don’t remember how much Klaessen was. I wonder if we are holding 25m back in case the JKA arbritration goes Pete Tong and we have to pay for him.

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