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Thread: O/T:- RIP Lester Piggott

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    O/T:- RIP Lester Piggott

    Just died in Switzerland age 86.

    I'm not much of horse racing fan but two names that always stood out for me when I did a bit of gambling were Lester and Freddy Winter.

    RIP and enjoy the races in the afterworld.
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    R.I.P. Lester, I only read yesterday he was supposed to be coming out of hospital this week, so this comes as a shock.
    Probably one of the reasons I took an interest in horse racing. There was great rivalry between him and Willie Carson as well in that era.
    I guess he did very well to live until 86 surviving on cigars and champagne for a lot of his life. The struggles of a flat jockey in those days.

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    My mum's favourite whenever had a bet. It didn't matter if the horse had three legs, her money was on Lester.
    RIP one of the greatest

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    Rode his first winner when only 12 and won his first Derby in 1954 aged 18 on Never Say Die.
    Known as the long fellow because he was tall for a flat jockey and lived mainly on cigars.
    A great jockey, R.I.P. Lester.

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    As with OP, I'm not a racing fan either but you've got to admire what Lester achieved. I noticed Ray Liotta died the other day, only 67, one of my favourite actors.


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    A fair few here will probably remember the long time ATV Today and Central News sports presenter Bob Hall.
    Died yesterday.

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