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Thread: God views

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    Mar 2012

    God views

    Whats your opinion on God. I believe in higher source of some kind.

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    May 2012
    If there was a god we would see good things, history tells us ancient people only talk of God punishing people, sounds like the devil to me

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    Mar 2012
    Yes the horrific things people have to endure does make me question things. Whats your opinion on ghosts then. So many experiences from people we all know and trust. Makes me think there is an afterlife

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    I believe there is a creator, to have sentient beings with such complex and brilliantly designed physiology has to have come from somewhere.

    Unfortunately survival of the fittest, kill or be killed is hardwired in our species to this day, men in particular have a propensity to desire power over others - not all men obviously, but through the ages we just don't learn. We take far more from this planet than we give back and we spend too much time arguing the toss instead of collaborating to find the best all round solutions. We treat suffering with indifference for the most part, it could be different but the collective will just isn't there.

    The creator could be God as referred to in the Bible, or some other being or perhaps there is both, but life was never meant to be a bed of roses by default or there wouldn't be much point in being given free will.

    I was raised a catholic but left religion behind as it's a man-made concept and the church is full of *****philes, it hasn't done nearly enough to bring them to justice and the church has untold wealth which allows the best lawyers to defend them....However, I do believe there is an afterlife or spiritual realm - Satan is said to be the ruler of the earth, if he is real then God is also real. I have watched the testimony of exorcist priests with nothing to gain and I accept what they say as truth.

    Suffering - I agree that some folk have to endure wicked and/or heartbreaking stuff, especially innocent children and it fills me with rage. My mother in law has been in final stage Alzheimers for 2 years now, she has no cognition whatsoever - case in point.

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    Big Bang and evolution for me. Each to their own though, everyone has the right to believe, or not.

    I don’t believe in God, Gods, or Religion. I am not evil, I just don’t believe in one more God than Christians (other religions are available) would do.

    Afterlife is another non-starter with me, as is a person’s soul and spirit.

    Ghosts? People claim to see all sorts, good luck to them. The mind is incredibly deceptive, powerful, and mysterious. Humans tend to make up, what we don’t understand.

    This is what I personally believe, not what I claim to be fact.


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    My views are simiar to Westys but he explained it better.
    I do think there is a link with connecting with god/source/guardian angels through meditation and prayer. If you look at all religions and faiths they all close there eyes and meditate in a way to connect with a higher source. Not the hp kind either.
    To me that is no coincidence.

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    I really want to believe in God and heaven so I can see the people who were ripped from my world far to early, not overly confident or will happen though tbh.

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    I believe in the tao, I like to believe that buddhism offers the best way to access god-like wisdom. I strain to do no harm in my life because even if religion and spiritual endeavours are bunk... at least you've done no harm. It is a very difficult doctrine to follow, when the world is full of wrong-thinking individuals... but I try.
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