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Hey I did say 10th when the window shut and to be fair we are performing above that.
It is harsh to single out the new players in October and should be given more time.
As for Pickering,prior to the injury he looked good but afterwards he has looked very average.
My disappointment is with the more seasoned pros at the club,who look almost uninterested.
It all looks a bit crap at the moment, I must say. We look like we are just making up as we go. One week we play 3 at the back, win, then we change to 4, and lose. I am a little confused and actually quite angry at Buckley. He is much better than he is showing us, god knows what is wrong but you would have thought he would put in a real performance the other night, after being dropped. Instead he threw in his worst. If he can't be bothered to even fight, that is a big concern. The crazy thing is we are one place outside the play offs, and being really honest we look pretty woeful. I saw us play well at a poor Blackpool, and won, other than that I think we have looked poor. Despite winning every other game. Just goes to show just how poor this division really is, we are one of the better sides and we are ****e.