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Thread: o/t Burnley Grammar School

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    o/t Burnley Grammar School

    For those who missed it, The Burnley Express reviewed Burnley, which is a history of the town 'Grammar', on Tuesday 03/03/2015.

    The background to this (as noted elsewhere) is:
    A couple of years back, I was looking through memorabilia and noticed I still had my old yearbooks from Burnley Grammar School; The Brun 1968 to 1974. Memory of the Grammar School is leaking away and I thought it a shame that all trace of its 400 year history could eventually vanish. I decided to write an account from that time to give an insight into the state of education in the town. History has always interested me and this project led me to look at other, less well-known aspects of Burnley’s past.
    Those I’ve kept in touch with have been kind enough to encourage me to see it through. The result is a History of Burnley Grammar School which includes reproductions of photos from that time, —these being of pupils, teachers and events, inclusive of the joint drama productions with Burnley High School. On this a

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    re: o/t Burnley Grammar School


    A bit of an update. First I'd like to say thanks for the support I've had on my book: Burnley. I have set up a website with more information here.
    On 28/05/16 I'll have some copies available at the Golden Lion in Todmorden. The Golden Lion are hosting ScribbleCon featuring Local & Regional Artists & Writers + Indie Comics & Magazines on sale + COSplayers welcome. The 28th is also the date of Todmorden Carnival.

    * * *
    As I write various genres of fiction, I'll have other books with me. If anyone wants to sample my writing, my novel: The Tau Device, is a free download to Kindle on 14/05/2016, and from 03/06/16 to 06/06/16. The Tau Device is at the following link:

    Get it (and put a Burnley author on the map!)

    * * *


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