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Thread: Clarets Mad Editor comes in peace!

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    Clarets Mad Editor comes in peace!

    Hi Guys and gals!

    Should be a cracker on Tuesday?

    We like to have a bit of friendly banter on Turfites Talk with our next opponents.

    Visit us and give us your thoughts?

    I predicted at the start of the season us and Boro to nab the two automatic places, with Hull being promoted via the play offs.

    Would a goalless draw suit us both?

    Brighton should beat QPR at home which will add a bit of pressure. Neither Burnley or Boro can afford to lose this one.

    Settle for a draw now?

    Good luck for the rest of the season (after Tuesday night!)

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    re: Clarets Mad Editor comes in peace!

    A tad quiet on here tec.. - view external link

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