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Thread: Best Ever Millers Performance

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    Best Ever Millers Performance

    Just thought I would lighten the mood while the "will he stay will he go" debate goes on.

    What's the best ever performance that you have seen from the Millers in all the time that you have seen them, taking into context the opposition, style of play and atmosphere.

    For me, it's the FA Cup game against Man United at Old Trafford on 12th February 1966.

    We were having a good season, but no one gave us a chance against them as they were the current champions, full of internationals, with a forward line (Best, Charlton, Law, Herd and Connelly) full of goals, just coming off a 6-2 home win over Northampton, having put 4 past Chelsea and 5 past Leicester, Spurs and Derby already in the season.

    8,000 Millers fans travelled in hope and were not disappointed! The Millers initially dug in and, after they had settled began to ask their illustrious opponents a few questions themselves.

    Chris Rabjohn in midfield was having the game of his life and United were getting niggled bec

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    re: Best Ever Millers Performance

    Impossible to pick one game.
    I enjoyed the 6 goals against Chelsea and the 4 against Norwich and also the play off second leg performance against Preston.
    There are loads more but hopefully the best games are still to come. UTM.

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    re: Best Ever Millers Performance

    FA Cup replay v Man Utd at Millmoor was a cracking game too, even though we (unjustly) lost.
    In the early 80s Millers 6 Chelsea 0 was a great performance - that was before the Abramovich billions were spent on the Chelsea team though (they could only afford the likes of Micky Droy back then)....
    Millers 2 Sheffield Utd 1 was a wonderful game. from roughly the same period
    Difficult to pick out just one

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    re: Best Ever Millers Performance

    Far too many to single out just one game;

    The 2-1 home win against Blades in 1981.
    The 2 x 1-2 wins within 6 months against the Owls at Swillsbrough in March and August 2002
    The 3-1 home game in League Cup against A-rsenal (Atmos on Tivoli that night was IMMENSE!).
    That ...... " ALAN LEE" home win!
    The 3-1 home win against Blades a couple of seasons ago.
    The 6-0 demolition of Chelsea (1982?)
    Any and EVERY win against DirtyLeeds
    AutoWindscreen Shield 2-1 against Shrewsbury at Wembley .............



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    re: Best Ever Millers Performance

    The win at home to west ham when they refused to get changed in the dressing room at millmoor

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