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Thread: Poor Friday: Alev v Notts

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    Poor Friday: Alev v Notts

    Only see a defeat here girls - sorry. But these are our bogey team and we're not even as big as Accrington...

    Notts'll be too strong for us I think

    2002-03 - Notts win 3-0
    2009-10 - Notts win 1-0
    2012-13 - Notts win 2-1
    2013-14 - Notts win 3-1
    2014-15 - Notts win 3-0

    Win a few and look good - lose a few and look bad.

    Another season to forget.

    NB: Alev?!?!?! Fat fingered goon I am. Bloody sausage digits

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    Quote Originally Posted by Proggs View Post
    Only see a defeat here girls - sorry.

    Unfortunately so do I.
    They are on a good run and we are a bit patchy at home. Our current style is made for away games so I'm looking forward more to Monday and to reclaiming bragging rights.

    I didnt realise quite how much Notts Co had the sign on us but when you lay it out like that, it does hit home.
    That play-off defeat in the mid-90s still hurts

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    They really are a bogey team for us, but I am feeling optimistic and predict we will draw 1-1 today. The bad run has to end sometime, but a repeat of the second half against Accrington and Notts County will punish us.

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    Could not go yesterday, but it sounds like it was a good fighting performance. Might have guessed that O'Connor would score against us. How were Tootle and O'Connor received? Artell sounded pleased about the performance. A win would be very welcome on Monday after a long trip to Yeovil.

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    Tootle was well received, O'Connor slightly less so. However, the crowd's ire was reserved for Ameobi who seemed to fall when breathed on and got a lot of free kicks early on, and gradually got fewer as the match wore on. Clearly the ref got fed up with his histrionics and denied him a pretty clear penalty at the end - the biter got bit ha ha!

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