Shame he weighs the same as all our other defenders combined.

Again, I'll be horrified if this signing is Curle's only answer to solving our defensive issues - in the area that (by his own admission now) is the biggest concern we have currently.

I didn't think Raynes was any big loss, however I'm not exactly filled with confidence that someone who looks like he's turned up at training via the pub and pizza shop, and was a key part of the worst team in the league last season, is going to tighten us up and improve things any at the back.

As a squad player with something to prove, this might be a good signing. He could shed the pounds, work hard, put his career back on track perhaps. However, if we sign no other central defenders and he walks straight into our side - we're in trouble frankly.

I'm aware he won promotions with Bristol Rovers, however that was before he ate the weight of the Memorial Ground in lard.

Does the fact he's "left footed" mean he's going to be cover for Grainger at Left-back? I fear the worst...