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Thread: V Middlesbrough ?

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    V Middlesbrough ?

    Following another truly uninspiring display V Brentford Steve Bruce is now under close scrutiny from our hierarchy

    A failure to transform/inspire/stimulate this current sterile style & game plan will cast an enormous shadow over his tenure continuing beyond the derby with the “Noses” (Sunday 29th October)

    “The Doctor will see you now Mr Bruce”

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    Davis, Green n Onomah are all out injured mate, and Kodjia could make the bench, if all goes ticketeeboo tonight in the U23/21s.
    I really can’t see this manager going 2 up front, so I’d expect a packed midfield with Hogan on his jack, chasing lost causes. Surely he won’t play Jedi AND Whelan so maybe Lansbury in the middle. We’re gonna need support down our left flank, as Traore has his wings on, so maybe Thor helping out Taylor & co. Adoma might be able to cover but who knows.According to all the ‘drinkers from the fountain of knowledge’ our best players always seem to be the ones who are not selected and because of that alone I’d put Adomah on the bench, for when Snodgrass tires.
    I’d love to see Hogan alongside another striker, but alas, tis never gonna happen on tuesday is it?





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    I'd be very surprised if SB is still our manager should we fail to get at least 4pts from our next two games freer, so the Derby game next month would be irrelevant. Should we get the points, I believe we'll go on a role and hammer the great unwashed in October, and on to greater things.

    I really shouldn't drink in the morning

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    Your spot on Exiled,

    It would require an astonishing “mood swing” for Bruce to go for it & play 2 up front

    I wouldn't rule out Jedi AND Whelan in midfield with Samba offering another layer of protection in front of the back line thus continuing his Uber cautious approach

    Strange how easily another coach metamorphosed Traore into the player WE signed eh ? Perhaps we could ask Gabby to do what he's best at I.e chase him up & down the pitch, as Gabby has no other obvious qualities ?

    Adomah might be heading for the bomb squad now as Mr Bruce has a new option -Snodgrass to modify into an exhausted force/waste material

    Lastly Exiled re: drinking in the morning

    I never touch a drop before 06.30 a m !
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    Elmo Chester Terry Taylor
    Jedi Whelan
    Adomah Hourihane Snodgrass

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    Who's Gabby?

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    Players might raise their game vs 'boro under the lights, any lone striker nonsense will only force them to come onto us so 4-1-3-2 gets my vote.


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    My line up


    Chester Terry
    Elmo Taylor
    Whelan Lansbury
    Snodgrass Adomah

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    Steve's lineup


    Hutton Chester Terry samba Taylor

    Elmo Whelan Hourihane Snodgrass


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    Well Bruce needs to get it right tonight as he pressure is on after our lacklustre start..

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    6-1 Win. We'll explode all over them.

    The first of 8 wins on the trot.

    I've written it. Now let it be so.

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