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    The Fizzy

    Is so easy a pub team could win it said C.Dick from Pennywell.
    S.Bruce from Birmingham who will play Widow Tw ankey in panto at Xmas agreed saying it will be a doddle.
    Mr Wynn Dupp from Peterborough said you will get promoted if you attack attack attack.
    Robert Shaw a Hurricane pilot in the Battle of Britain film agreed with Wynn and repeated same.
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    At one point near the end of last season, some deluded Mackem said that we were going to lose a 'one horse race'. Of course we went on to win the race but have you ever heard a more 'clutching at straws' comment when your rival is doing well?

    So come on Mackems is the Fizzy a sh*t league or not? (either answer will do).

    I did see one amusing comment on RTG yesterday. One of their posters was saying not to boo their players because it´s not their fault, it's just that they´re not good enough. He said that booing them is a bit like 'booing a horse cos it can´t fly'.

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    Aye, funny how the tune has changed.

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    If you're not prepared for a season of battle with what quality you do possess, then you aren't getting promoted.

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    I've yet to see a single pundit say they'll get promoted.

    I've seen one (think it was Sutton) who said they might get play offs but he wasn't convinced.

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    Yes memories are in short supply when it comes to the Mackems. I was at a leaving do early last year and two of my mackem colleagues were ripping the p*ss out of me and saying that even a three legged donkey could walk that league and still have a leg to spare. I saw them recently and they were more concerned, interestingly enough, with the way Brexit was shaping up, rather than Sunderland's performance in the Fizzy, or so they informed me!

    Pity that andyj73 has gone rather red rage against us rather than his usual balanced views! Oh well, we can only hope they can be inspired by our season in the Fizzy (which by the way I enjoyed) and achieve what we did .

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    Next Leeds or Portsmouth in the making.

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