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Thread: Reading Forum veiws on Stam

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    Reading Forum veiws on Stam

    Hope we're up for this game as Stam will be.
    Did anyone on 'ere want him as our Coach then ?

    Reading fans views on Stam ..............
    "Something that will probably fully come out in the wash at the end of the season if we don't improve, but my initial feeling is".
    a) we invested too much in too many players in generally the wrong areas
    b) teams have sussed out how to set-up against us
    c) Stam is too stubborn to try an alternative approach
    d) our top-scorer is injured
    "We can't do much about a) and d) right now and c) will solve b), so it's up to Stam to figure it out really."

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    Don't think anyone wanted that jumped up scummer did they? As far as I could tell it was all just lazy tabloid work.

    Think losing Danny Williams was a massive blow for them, he is a quality player. They've also made some poor signings like Mo Barrow and Leandro Bacuna, players living off the fact they've played in the premier league despite an overwhelming lack of talent or ability. On top of that yes they've probably been sussed out a little bit, they were a terrible team to watch last year and was happy to see their brand of football not earn them promotion in the end.

    Knowing our luck they'll turn up against us though, but the way the play and the type of players they have they're a team that we are 100% suited to play against.

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    Top player. Outstanding. But as a manager I cannot stand him.
    Interesting comments and agree with Joel.

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    Might be wrong, but I'm sure my mate has said that Barrow is playing well for them.

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    Think mo scored on his reading debut

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    Quote Originally Posted by lasher View Post
    Top player. Outstanding. But as a manager I cannot stand him.
    Interesting comments and agree with Joel.
    Great player mmmm - Maybe once great Lasher.Along side Stam,Frank De Boer,Edgar Davids & Christophe Dugarry should think themselves lucky to be involved in football as ALL were caught using a banned performance enhancing substance nandrolone and got bans.

    Moscow White did a decent piece on Stam & Reading last season...............
    Part of loving football is being curious about what other people love about it; curious, and judgemental old Moscow states before below opinion unfolds.
    "We all love the same game, but the gap of understanding between, say, a Leeds United fan and a Manchester United fan is the gap between appreciating Lucas Radebe or Jaap Stam. How can any sane, rational follower of association football consciously resist the charms of Radebe in favour of the bullet sternness of Stam, just because he wore a red shirt rather than a white one" ?

    "Stam's kind of talk gives stat fans a bad name; the view that hails xG over G, pass percentage over final score. The final match stats will record that Reading dominated the ball and were secure in possession; they had 90% pass completion, which is extraordinary in isolation."

    "What the spreadsheets donít record, though, is that the 634.5 passes Reading completed were completed to a background of uproarious laughter and sarcastic olťs; that Stamís side were seen straight through by the Elland Road crowd for the anti-football they were attempting; that there was incredulous outcry as Reading stuck rigidly to whatever it was they were trying to achieve. The emperor was naked, and the emperor was Jaap Stam, a very ugly man."

    "Youíll still find Reading fans willing to defend their sideís game, though, either through blind loyalty to the Royals, or blind faith in the stats: their centre-halves completed more passes than the entire Leeds team, which apparently is a good thing. Which is a danger inherent in relying on stats to tell the story of a game, when thereís so much about football, that numbers canít tell you, thatís so important."

    "Or maybe the numbers can tell you, and the stats guys just havenít found the model for it yet. That must be what motivates them; the perfect visualisation. If someone ever does crack that, Iíll be ready and willing to welcome it, because footballís a broad church of people doing weird seeming things, but weíre all inspired by the same love. People kicking a ball: itís ace. Unless you do it too much, Jaap; or maybe thatís just something I donít understand either."

    Yep it's only a game Lasher - but there's a hell of a difference if you wear a Red shirt !
    And in my case - support a White shirt, as my in box on a recent Are Leeds Away Fans a Rabble has nearly blown my hard drive.


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