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Thread: today against Burton

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    today against Burton

    So lads, what happened today at home to one of the poorest teams in this league ?.
    Yes Ive no doubt that sadly Burton will go down this season, and Birmingham are also a terrible team and we've beat them both this week. Nothing is proved at the Halloween & Bonfire week of matches, but we're delighted to have taken the full 6 points going into another annoying Intl break.

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    Morning Acido....I think you have your answer of what happened yesterday with the attached link. Frustrating to say the least!


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    It was a rubbish red card for our boy Jed, a yellow maybe, and early in the 2ed half.

    They had one shot on target which scored and thereafter just parked the bus with all 11 what a crap game, one I would like to forget.

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