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Thread: IMPORTANT NOTE Prediction League Fixtures Week 12

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    IMPORTANT NOTE Prediction League Fixtures Week 12

    With apologies to Chalky, I omitted Notts County from this week's fixtures.

    Please add to your fixtures on the original thread;

    SAT 15:00 Notts County v Cheltenham

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    I wasn't that worried about it davee,I only noticed because it was my team,mistakes are bound to happen every now and again when you do a prediction quiz week in,week out and I wasn't offended at all
    Thank you anyhow sir

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    No problem mate. At least as I put the fixtures up early this week most posters haven't posted their predictions yet. You must be hopeful of promotion this season judging by your form so far?

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    I'm obviously pleased at where we are in the league especially as this time last year we was in the bottom two but I can't see us being in the top three come May,we have either played well or got lucky so far and luck doesn't last forever,I'm hoping that we finish with at least a playoff place and if we do then its been a successful season,the best team in our league is Luton imo and its a free for all for the other places,maybe Griff has an opinion?

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    It's a tight league Chalky and anything can happen. As I said previously, we were in your position this time last season and were lucky to make the playoffs in the end. Injuries will be critical and those that can afford bigger squads will do better than those who can't. We saw that on Saturday when Yeovil came to Carlisle with a depleted team and some of their replacements looked like they hadn't laced boots on before. Unfortunatey for us we lost Nicky Adams with a CL injury so we'll be without his crosses for the rest of the season. Things like that don't matter so much in the higher leagues but they matter a lot in L2.

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    Carlisle's drop from the top three last season was quite spectacular Griff as I had them nailed on for promotion and that's why I'm not getting to excited just yet,only a third the way through the season and a lot can happen in the remaining two thirds,i still look to see how far we are from relegation

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