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Thread: Fulham extension plans approved

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    Fulham extension plans approved

    Didn’t think they’d have room or expand but it looks good, having said that ours looks different from the plans drawn up

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    Their average is 19,688 so they are obviously planning on getting back into the Premiership.

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    I'm surprised that there's enough room on the riverside, I was expecting it to be at the "away" end

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    They are after floating supporters

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    I was hoping for it to say, the loan for Rodàk and his mate Rodec would be extended for another season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pattylallacks2 View Post
    They are after floating supporters
    It does surprise me seeing Craven Cottage with so many empty seats but it happens so often when clubs leave the Premiership.. I think your name for plastics is much better.

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    Good luck to them that stand looks very 21st Century.

    I know the old building that stands in the corner has a grade 2 listing on it so unless it catches fire........oops

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