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    1st post

    My 1st game was Utd v Don's league Cup replay and I have followed DUFC since then.

    I have never posted and apologies for my 1st being a long rant

    Personally I expect at the end of each game to be proud of the efforts of everyone involved inc the fans, I then will either gloat or greet at the final result. At times over the last decade but especially for the last 3 years the emotions have included astonishment, despair and a lot of wtf's.

    I ask myself why and the truth is we have turned into an unattractive club and that is down to how its been run off the pitch primarily but let's not forget how its been run on it. I don't just mean the manager I include the lack of leaders on the park.

    The concentration on P&L has meant no focus on the 4 main items on any club's agenda 'value, wastage, managing expectations and the relationship with fans'

    Having been assured we will be back in Premier league and been promised a load of other boxes will be ticked I say then that the managing expectations has been a shambles. They have built us up to expect the best and blame us for moaning about the reality which is the polar opposite. The blame lies with the current and previous board for the all the PR, the interviews, the statements in match programmes and the papers. They have lied and blamed but not taken accountability and responsibility. Do that and we'll support you positively.

    If you focus on ensuring you get value and reduce wastage the rest takes care of itself.
    I judge everyone's success on how much value they bring and how good they deal with wastage.
    Well where do we start, the board are a big fail regarding wastage as they have shown they repeatedly make the same mistakes to the extent where a once reputable club have become very unattractive to work for and at times unbearable to support. No value and plenty of waste has created zero supporter confidence, this needs addressed.. Now!

    The current manager is the latest in a line of the boards main criteria - to do what they're told and to keep that private but the manager is also expected to take public responsibility for all, which for the last few years has been dross failure.

    Fans buy into a strong manager and during games most become mini versions in the stands. Fans buy into a manager who gloats, greets and demands passion, personality and commitment when it is appropriate. It is safe to say no current fan trusts in Lazlo to do this and certainly wouldn't want to be a version of him. Is it his fault? I say yes as you can't moan about the taste of a cake if you knew what was in it but still wanted to eat a slice!
    The manager should he strong enough to manage and deal with the challenges that stop him doing that, we haven't had one of those in a while. Think about the club and fans for a minute and go get one!
    The players need to look in the mirror they need to perform at the level expected every game regardless of opponent or who is the manager, if a new manager takes over and they don't perform then they should get rid. If they do perform then my hard earned that helps pay their wage says you don't pick and choose when to actually earn your salary so imo still get rid cos they've cheated the fans. We want to put our arms around them and say well done or hard lines because they played their best. We shouldn't want to throttle them because they can't be bothered so play for us show you are bothered and show you care. If you don't want to do this then don't sign as you won't be welcome here.

    The fans are hurting and are being made out to be spoilt brats. The reality is we ARE faithful through and through but have seen all of this decline and our anger is being forced....shame on the board for allowing it to get this far.
    At the moment the relationship IS broken. Everyone who earns a salary at our club should be ashamed for the mess, the results, the supporters frustrations and for not only making our club an unattractive proposition for anyone to want to work at, but also for tarnishing the hard earned reputation by making the club a laughing stock.
    Right now we have no faith in the powers that be to change their focus but if fans see this being addressed then they will be patient and support.

    I personally would get rid of the manager but to do so would almost certainly mean writing this season off. Get a new one in but with the objective of supporting the new one to get it right once and for all. Don't give him the remit of getting to Premier league this season give him this season to get rid of the rubbish, rebuild the culture and get the right players in but most importantly get the right frame of mind for next season.
    Get the fans back on side by working with them, lower the prices, rebuild the fan base and the trust. Reconnect with the fans you serve.

    My plea is for the people who can to actually start doing the do, run the club properly, be seen to care as much about the club as the supporters and unite us all.
    We will take the pain if we see the gain.
    Please deal with the main items and sort this mess out NOW

    Rant over

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    Welcome and you've got a good point. Getting rid of the current manager and writing the season off would be an absolute disaster. Someone else would have to come in and it wouldn't be their team, just like Csaba last season. After what's happened with Csaba, who on earth would risk their reputation in this way?

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    Great Post op but unlike ttt, you are spot on, we need to get rid of the manager as the season is a write off with him in charge anyway only with a toxic atmosphere as the vast majority do not believe in him, in fact believe him to be useless for our club

    What we need is a good manager who can command the players and fans respect (Csaba doesn't command it from either) and can build a team in his image, but not only that he will get far more out of the team we have just now, the sooner we appoint someone we can all believe in the sooner we take the small steps to recovery as a club back upto our optimum level

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    Great first post.

    I had never thought about the managing expectations before in that way.

    The board say that only a certain level or target is achievable or what is expected then they have to hold themselves and others to that.

    I agree - sack csaba now and make it clear to next man that promotion is not demanded this year, just start to do things in the right way and give us a team and a manager we can believe in

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    The only reason i can now try and understand why Csaba still manager is the value of the club.. MM wants a bigger stake and the Americans see us falling further and are waiting to pick up cheap.. I cannot see any other reason. Results are crap, performances are crap, fans in despair.. Why would you give him the season? Thats nuts, lets all just forget about football for a year to protect Csaba reputation because of course he brilliant and our club is making him crap.. Eh dont think so..

    Even his comments today, luck and fitness lol, really.. Thats daft... He has no idea..

    Who gives a rats arse if its our second manager in a year, if hes pap then who gives a rats aerse...

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    A good manager such as Tommy Wright could win promotion with our current squad with maybe a couple of his own signings...Maybe he wouldnt even need a couple of his own. I actually think weve made some half decent signings and there is a good enough squad there to work with.

    If Csaba had shown even a slight bit of promise there would be more people willing to give him a chance. He has quite literally shown nothing positive that gives the fans any glimmer of hope.

    Not a bad guy but just so so wrong for us in the position we are in right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TerryTheTerror View Post
    Welcome and you've got a good point. Getting rid of the current manager and writing the season off would be an absolute disaster. Someone else would have to come in and it wouldn't be their team, just like Csaba last season. After what's happened with Csaba, who on earth would risk their reputation in this way?
    This season was written off in April,FACT.

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