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Thread: Where's Sinkov and 59/60

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    Mar 2009

    Where's Sinkov and 59/60

    Has he been banned... .? Cone out come out wherever you are..

    why have you not been posting much 59/60 .? Everything alright with you mate ?

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    Thanks Alf!

    Yes, everything good here.

    The last 2/3 weeks have been exceptionally busy at the council. Me and Mrs 59/60 also have to look after my Dad (91) and her Mum (95) so there hasn't been much spare time.
    I managed to get to the Leicester and Man Utd games though and we still walk in the Lakes (planning one tomorrow).
    But I haven't had much time to get involved in debates on here - hopefully normal service will be resumed in two weeks time.

    As for Sinkov, well perhaps he has had a moment of relevation where he now realises that he was wrong and I was right about all things footy and politics.
    He may have read back on his posts on Brexit etc and is too ashamed to show his face.
    On 'tuther hand perhaps he has buggered off on holiday somewhere.

    Hopefully he will be back soon.

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    Sinkov will be all excited about Friday. I assume he is putting up all the bunting in Clitheroe.

    He'll be back, no doubt!

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