So now a billionaire has control of your club, does that mean small-time f*ckers like Pet-mongo, sorry, Petingo and Everton_'more interested in LFC than Everton coz I'm so small-time'_Freak will ditch Everton for Tranmere (or even Southport) because there's chance you maybe a big club with trophy-winning aspirations again???

Fans like Pet-mongo,sorry, Petingo, and Freaky weirdo like this 'Everton_Freak' who openly 'boast' about finishing 7th/8th on a 'low net spend' clearly need to be following a league one or league two club because that's all they want to be.

"We finished upper mid-table despite spending little" f*ck off. BIG CLUBS never openly 'brag' about this kind of 'achievement'...and you want to be taken seriously as 'big club'....hahahaha