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Thread: Still looking in.....

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    Still looking in.....

    But to no avail it would seem.

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    First time here Chief, a Burnley fan from, and in, Australia, but always followed Danny Ings' career. Sad at times for him, but I have to say, I wish he'd never left Burnley. The banter that goes on about who p-ed on their chips etc is lost on me. Fact is, I believe he'll score 20 goals this season (1 in 3 games so far?). The side will warm to his style and vice-versa, they will knit it all together for sure. Not sure about Burnley justyet though. Not seeing a win against ManU unless players want Jose out and they do the dishonourable thing. Anyway, I'll look in occasionally, will always behave myself, go Saints, go Danny, go Clarets.

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