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Thread: Match Day Post: The Mighty Blades v Millwall

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    Match Day Post: The Mighty Blades v Millwall

    So after the not too disappointing result at Birmingham, we're back on home soil, with the visit of Millwall. A game which provides us with an excellent chance to go back in to 2nd, however temporary that may be. However not an opposition to be taken lightly, as they are still very much in a relegation battle, and have all to play for. Not to mention we don't seem to have the best of records v Millwall over relatively recent times....


    Any team news?

    JOC back in contention?

    Throw Madine in as a starter today?

    Or start with the same team that started v Birmingham?

    Both the matches in question are on TV here in Bulgaria so it's going to be a heavy alcohol consumption day it would seem (nothing new really). First up we need to do ourselves a favour with a steady 2-0 victory, and then whatever happens later, and whether our city rivals can help us, is something to wait for. Meanwhile could probably use a Villa failure so that their penultimate game becomes particularly important.


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    There will be a former Blade in the Millwall team Ryan Leonard, he will want to impress however I can't see any of the points leaving Sheffield today.

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