So we arrive at the final game of the season, already having secured promotion to the promised land, and now in with a vague chance of securing it as Champions. I can see Villa beating Norwich but they will rest a few. Ours appears to be just as tricky, but our record at Stoke hasn't often ended in defeat in the last 10 games there. Albeit it was 12 years since we last went there. Whatever happens this afternoon, it's been an amazing season.... and either way it's gonna be a hell of day out...


Any team news?

Go unchanged from the side that started against Ipswich?

Or is this a game for Billy to start?

I've not felt so relaxed for a Blades match for several months. I hope that is reflected in the fans support today, and hopefully transfers to the players. It's not in our own hands, which is why we can't be disappointed if we don't end up Champions. It'd be nice to at least achieve our side of the bargain, and whatever will be, will be. I'm surprised it's not on TV, but a feed will no doubt spring up. For all those travelling, have a great a day, be safe and enjoy our 5-2 victory