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Thread: Season Review 18-19 - Defence

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    Season Review 18-19 - Defence


    Jack O’Connell Another outstanding season as he carries on his progression through the leagues with United. Big, strong, deceptively quick and good on the ball. He can head it, clear it and tackle but also reads the game well, is decent at passing and gets forward and overlaps/underlaps and puts superb crosses in.

    He started the season a bit off the pace and recall a few errors in the early season game and looked a bit leaden footed but like the rest of the defence he settled down. The unit got better and better as he linked with carryovers Baldock, Stevens and Basham; but also gelled well with new keeper Henderson and central defender Egan.

    He started to dominate aerially in games again and won his individual battles so often but we also saw him coming forward once more with some surging runs and very good crosses too (Derby at home for Sharp, Ipswich at home for Hogan two that stand out).

    Missed two groups of games (three in late Feb and two in April) with a few injuries but was a warrior apart from this and so reliable. A real leader and still a crowd favourite. Not sure he scored at all last season so at least he got three this year (all at the Lane) with the ones v Villa and Rotherham and then the oh, so crucial strike in the Ipswich near promotion clincher.

    His mistakes have been few and far between (the one at Villa a rare howler when he miskicked in the build-up the late leveller) and he has been so consistent and professional. Has been a tremendous signing and at 25 can get even better. He is one of the players I feel can cope with the higher league and could even go on and eventually play for England whether it be with us or another side longer term.

    Grade A- (Last season B+)

    Chris Basham Embodies everything about the club at the moment and the rise and rise of the side. He was one of the few that was left from the Clough era when Wilder came in and is now our longest serving player by some way (if you discount Sharp being in different spells). A player that looked a bit clumsy and technically a bit inept when he signed, he played in midfield but was not always the most accomplished and even at League One you worried if he was skilled enough to cope. His work rate was never in doubt and he got better and better. He was ok under Adkins and a real trier and then he found a new position under Wilder and it suited him perfectly. He could defend and attack but did not have to dictate play and often he found him given the ball in good positions or he could drive out from defence rather than in a congested midfield where he sometimes lacked composure to create. He at times has still done a job as a midfielder (Leeds away this season when he scored a massive goal).

    For the most part he has been a 7-7.5/10 every week and sometimes higher. Real desire, hunger and appetite. Even in games we have struggled he has carried the fight and been consistently one our better players all season. You keep thinking he may drop off but he kept it going. What surprised me was not just his fitness and ability to get all over the pitch (recall a game at Preston when he seemed to be everywhere for a 5-minute spell) but his growing confidence on the ball. Still a bit bambi at ice at times he has improved immeasurably at his control, passing and things he goes under pressure. He has been able to kill it, move it a yard and pass it to feet at pace and this is a big improvement. He trusts his ability to do more complex things. Some of his runs forward just take the pressure off the defence massively as he carries it so far. Sometimes he comes back or panics a bit and that is the next step for him in terms of those runs and that final product as he like others does not always produce. However at times he has even got better in this regard with a few decent assists too.

    A really big part of what we have done and one of Wilder’s senior pros that will do a job week in, week out both going forward and defending. A unique system requires a unique player and he is one.

    The video at the end of the season where Billy interviews him compares him to a steam train and Bash responds by puffing vape smoke out to resemble a train is superb and sums up Bash’s character and his playing style to a tee. A great lad who knows his limitations. He may struggle at times next season and I do feel we might upgrade in his position possibly but I would like to see him have a go as we won’t find anyone as fit or willing as him. He has been a huge part of our rise and feel his versatility and ability to do lots of different jobs will stay make him invaluable even at a higher level.

    Grade A- (Last season B+)

    John Egan My recollections of Egan before he signed was a big lad for Brentford who headed it and kicked it but not so great on the deck. I did not see his loan game for us many years ago at Walsall but Blades who went were that impressed but of course he went to Gillingham did well, then Brentford and slowly rose up the league. He was fairly regular-ish for them but they had quite a few centre backs but chose to let Dean go to Birmingham and then did the same with Egan (and with Mepham this season too). They of course sign players and then make a profit but also the fans spoke of him not suiting their ball playing style. Well, as Brentford lost to us twice and continued to show a soft underbelly despite some lovely football, they may realise even though they have to move players on as that is how they operate business wise – if they ever hope to improve from mid-table and nice pretty tippy, tappy stuff they need some leaders and men in defence who can do the things defenders so like Egan and O’Connell. Both are far better footballers than Brentford gave them credit for and in a three are great also with other covering around them. Both were very unfortunate not to make the PFA/EFL team and had better seasons than Cooper/Jansson for me.

    Egan started the season poorly and looked very shaky as we lost a few games and some were asking for Stearman back so early on but Egan settled down. He scored against Norwich and then started to dominate in the air and give us that strength we needed in the middle to stop us conceding some of those set play/aerial goals we had conceded at the end of the last season. He was not great with his feet early on but he improved in this aspect and started to do better with his passing but often kept it simple rather than go long and would switch it quickly to Norwood who would quarter back from just in front or move it to the wide lads. Defensively he was very good in the air and would at times but so dominant. He made good tackles and interceptions but helped keep a good spine and shape with him in the centre. A regular unless injured or suspended and he was a rock the superb defensive performances from Xmas onwards. Recall a superb showing in the 10 man win v Brentford. He was great also at Leeds.

    Only a few daft mistakes like the red card v Millwall (luckily did not cost us) I can recall and maybe the biggest knock is he only scored the one goal v Norwich at home. He got into some really good positions but headed over quite a bit and needs to work on being more of a threat when he goes up for set plays.

    Overall, though he has been such a key player and a master stroke by messrs Wilder, Knill and Mitchell to bring him in. He has chased him for some time by us and you could see why.

    Wilder revealed he cost 3.5 million which is an absolute bargain when you consider Flint went for 7 million and Egan is superior and has more potential for me. I still fail to understand how Keogh at Derby gets ahead of him for Ireland but not sure that will carry on and at least Egan is involved in the squads. I look at players like Dunk/Duffy at Brighton and Tarkowski/Mee at Burnley and not sure our two main lads at the back (Basham more of a roving type) are any worse or cannot go on and match their play at this higher level. Been a great signing and clearly loves the club and feels part of things. Another who is a really likeable lad but a leader and captain material. Hs song he sang at the player of the year do will go down in folklore.

    Grade A- (Last season NA)

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    Enda Stevens What a season. He had good first season and started the 17/18 season in good form and you could see why Pompey did not want to lose him. He looked good defensively and going forward as hit the top of the league but after we faded away, his form suffered and he ended the season with some mistakes and not having the same impact attacking wise. Many actually wanted us to upgrade here and some were even talking about giving Lafferty another go as the season went on which was ridiculous. He came back and began this season a bit so-so and the questions over this position persisted even though I felt after the whole team were edgy the opening games, he hit good form relatively early and then just got better and better. Marvin Johnson came in and although this provided good competition but you saw the drop off when Marvin started the odd game.

    Stevens showed good touch on the ball, some lovely pieces of skill to drag it back and create space and underrated pace when he went forward. His touch and passing really improved as did his link play and where to run. His throw in routine continued to catch teams out also. His crossing which had been a weakness also improved and whilst he can still do better at times with this area, he is now quite competent and a threat when going forward and delivering the cross/final ball as he thinks about it more.

    The telepathic understanding, he has with the likes of Fleck, O’Connell and Duffy was clear to see when we were successful and he was remarkably consistent. His defending was good with blocks, tackles and interceptions and he got better and better going forward. The only real knock was a few daft bookings and some moments of uncertainty for late goals at Rotherham and Villa (others made mistakes too of course) but overall, he was man of the match of us in a number of games and as the season went on. Not only did he play well at left wing back but he also ended up having a spell of games at centre back and thought he was superb at West Brom for example in this position and showed that he can play here and do well as he reads the game really well.

    Along with McGoldrick became our most consistent performer in the run in. Made goals with some surging runs all season (recall Preston at home being an important one) and then also weighed in with three big goals in the Easter games and scored in the final game too (scoring 4/6 games) and three very different goals with a long ranger powered in, a surging run and finish and then a header on the run and then a similar goal to the one v Forest at Stoke. He is now one of the first names on the team sheets and his stats bear out what the naked eye sees. A great player and now has ended up being first choice for Ireland and will surely keep this place if he is playing at the top level. Seems a really nice lad and seeing him and Egan celebrating was superb to see as you could see the connection those two have. A player that has just got better and better. He will start next season and be given the chance to carry on his progression but we have no real cover in this area and will need to bring in a player who can compete/cover in this position.

    Grade A (Last season B-)

    Marvin Johnson A player Wilder seemed to chase a few times and despite him being at a promotion rival, Wilder got him in on loan. The idea was he could provide some competition for Enda Stevens and a pacey option down the left that could be used as an attacking winger type too. He was used in a few early sub games and did not impress and whenever he came on, we seemed to lose our shape. Maybe it was just coincidence. He did not look the most intelligent footballer and at times he would stand in the wrong position or be slow to react to things despite his foot speed. He looked a bit of a liability defensively but did put a few decent crosses in. He started against Birmingham but was definitely a downgrade from Stevens and then went back to the bench. Made a real error against Rotherham when he came on that led to the late equaliser (two errors from Stevens and Norwood after that though!) and got hammered on social media which was ridiculous as we had been garbage in that game long before he came on. After this he was mostly back on the bench but did come in and had a decent game at West Brom and at home to Reading where he set up a goal and was a threat attacking wise and nearly scored two goals.

    He was back out of the team and even the subs bench as we had more options but then came on at home to Bristol City and was in the area where they scored two late goals with an inability to react on one and an apology of a tackle on the winner. He once again got a lot of criticism. Was a bit of a scapegoat at times but sadly he was quite poor when he did play and often, we got worse in games he came on in. In the games he started he did not too bad but when pressed to come on we struggled with him on the left side and opponents’ eyes seemed to light up.

    A big lad but one who evades physical contact. His touch is very poor and often his first piece of control comes off him. Can whip a decent cross but all too often he sent balls too high or wide and over the goal. One of the signings that did not quite work. I am sure he will go back to Boro this summer and Wilder will look at other options. I think for the lad; he is more of a lower league player and at 28 will probably eventually go back down the pyramid after his final year of his contract expires at the Riverside next season. Due to his pace and running can see why teams higher up looked at him but he lacks touch, awareness, heart and sadly a football brain to make it at this level.

    Ironically the final memories of him at United may have been him throwing up outside the South Stand after maybe overdoing the celebrations somewhat after we sealed promotion.

    Grade D (Last season NA)

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    George Baldock A really good first season; he maybe faded a bit towards the end but proved a really good signing and with Freeman out, he played very well at the highest level he had ever played. He started this season and scored but was given a roasting by the lad Montero who turned the game for Swansea. After playing at Boro, lost his place and a few injuries/niggles meant he only played one of the next seven**** games. Freeman did well to start with but then lost his form and eventually early December Baldock came back in and other than a three-game spell (Reading, WBA, Wednesday) and then a late game against Millwall, Freeman was not a starter. He was often not on the bench as Wilder opted not to name whichever did not play, having Cranie and Stearman on the bench and using Basham if needed in this area.

    Baldock has had another excellent season and I felt finished really well. He has had some odd poor games but has been quite consistent. You know what you are getting. He gets up and down, is quick, athletic and cover so much ground. He does ok defensively and is better than Freeman in this aspect. At times he still gets caught ball watching a bit – I recall a few dozy moments in games but these moments have become less and less. He has been more disciplined, been tighter to his man and not got beat anywhere near as much. He has also improved his heading. Going forward he is constantly in motion and always getting into good areas both nipping inside and outside his man. He shows good footwork and is quite skilled and works opening. The major weakness is that his final ball still is often rushed or poor. He hits his first man or panics a bit and needs to work on pace and weight of delivery and just trying to pick men out rather than just hit and hope. I feel he has the skill and application to improve this side. He is still only 26 and hitting his peak but this summer he has to almost just practice crossing over and over again. If this side of his game improves and he can also maybe weigh in with a few goals (2 is very poor for someone who is very attacking minded and the system we have) he can take his game on even more. I feel he may start next season but also feel we could add some competition in this area also.

    Grade B+ (Last season B+)

    Kieron Freeman A stop start season for him the previous one where he played to begin with but then picked up injuries and one quite serious one saw him out for much of the campaign. George Baldock did really well in his place and even though Freeman got back in the team right at the end of the season and showed his attacking threats in games and scored on the final day, you sensed Baldock would start the season and so it proved. After a few early defeats, Wilder went back to some of his trusted League One players and Freeman was one who came back in and made a goal at QPR and then scored at Bolton. He always looked a threat attacking wise with a better final ball or chance of scoring than Baldock but often the other way he lacked pace/fitness and discipline. Still he did ok as the team moved up the league and kept his place. Baldock also had a few knocks and when they were both fit, he often chose one or the other but did not have the other one on the bench preferring to use Bash if needed for that role if we got an injury etc. He started to tire and make mistakes and I remember him being losing his man for the winner at Forest and then also being really poor at Rotherham and Brentford. Baldock got back fit and was back in and stayed in for a number of games. Freeman returned for the cup game against Barnet but looked unfit and lacked application (as many did that day).

    However, he was given another chance 6 weeks later when we played Reading and scored in a minute and kept his place for a few games but Wilder kept freshening things up so Baldock came back in for the Rotherham home game. Again, Freeman was not on the bench often when he did not start. Freeman then came back in for the game against Millwall and did ok but Baldock was put back in the following week and remained in the side for the final few games and clearly was the preferred option.

    I always felt Wilder thought Baldock had the edge. As many have said if you could combine the pace, running, energy and defending of Baldock with the attacking threat and crossing of Freeman, we would have a hell of a player! I am not sure Freeman has been quite consistent enough or stayed fit enough for Wilder’s liking (and I don’t just mean injuries) since we came up. I actually would not be totally shocked if he moved on and/or we signed another right back to provide competition. We need someone who can get better crosses in and have more of a better final product. Freeman has been a solid player for United and another who had been a big part of our rise. I am not writing him off but just see us gradually improving in each position each season and like with Wright…Stearman….Moore….etc would not be shocked if he does not feature that much next season. Just a hunch. Hope he proves me wrong, gets super fit and works on his defending/concentration and really rivals Baldock/or another for next season. In all areas there is a chance we could upgrade but whatever happens we have to remember what a part he has been of things, as he showed when celebrating the promotion and was right part of things with many of the League One carryovers.

    Grade B- (Last season C+)

    Richard Stearman Brought in to give us some experience in our first season in the Championship he started a bit shakily but in the end was solid and actually ended up replacing Wright as the hub of the defence. A bit more mobile and steadier enough on the ball; he was a decent defender at Championship level and a really good pro. He seemed liked around the club and cannot recall too many glaring errors. However, we were still a bit of a soft touch and even though he, Bash and Jack are big lads, we conceded lots of set play goals, headers and some pretty poor goals as the season petered out. We lacked a dominant centre back in that key central area and Wilder had been a fan of Egan for some time so brought him in. He did not start the season but again like a few others came and helped steady things after the poor start and was solid at QPR. After this he was almost exclusively a sub and other than the cup game at Barnet only started one other game v Wigan at home where he was fine. Egan really started to play well and it was hard for him to get back in and was unlikely to be used in the wide centre back roles. He stayed incredibly supportive of the club and team and was active on social media saluting the results. He played in the cup game against Barnet and the lad Coulthirst ran him ragged.

    Still he ended up coming on for some key wins and was able to show what we had him. He was the unlikely hero in the game at Boro when he headed in powerfully and played well and then played well in the second half win against West Brom when he came on for the injured Egan. He then was solid in the win against Forest and was always around the team, encouraging and supporting.

    Has one more year left on his deal. A decent lad to keep around as cover but unsure if he will remain due to the higher level. Handy lad to keep around. I suppose a lot depends if he wants to play more as he is 31 this summer and maybe could do a job for some Championship clubs still. A really good clubman though and one who has never moaned and just done his job when called upon. The scenes of him celebrating in the hotel will go down in folklore as he danced merrily, downed beer and seemed to have no idea where he was! The terms getting ‘Stearmaned’ or ‘On the Stears’ were coined and he trended on twitter nationally!

    Grade B (Last season B-)

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    Martin Cranie When we signed him, I was not overwhelmed at all. He had been released by Middlesbrough and West Brom had him trial but chose not to sign him. He had been around a few promotion chasing sides at this level but the wrong side of 30; I was not sure he was what we needed. The first proper sight of him was at Forest and he was fine and one of our better players in a poor performance. However, he did not quite seem to offer that overlapping that the other wide centre backs did so well but it is such a unique system it probably takes a lot of time and coaching to play that role. When he next started at Wigan he did better and was able to get forward.

    He was mostly used on the bench but then had a bigger role in the second half of the season. He was excellent in two wins against Boro and then West Brom where he set up the goal but defended superbly. He then was very good when he came on at Hillsborough. He repeated this high level of performance at Leeds a few weeks later with a superb performance where the ball seemed magnetised to him. He was back out for a period of games but whenever called upon he did well.

    Just seems a really solid defender. Decent on the ball, good in the air and reads the game well. Such a versatile player who can play a number of defensive positions. One that Wilder saw as being a real help and so it proved, showing how much, he knows and how little I, and others, know! Never let the team down and even when he played really well sometimes, he had to go back to the bench but just got on with it and always ready when needed. He seemed to lap up the celebrations and seeing him with his top off singing Wonderwall was another bizarre but great scene (say ‘Cranie you’re my Wonderwall!’)

    Grade B+ (Last season NA)

    Kean Bryan Bryan came in from Man City after a move to Rangers fell through with a different take on why it collapsed; some suggesting an injury and others saying financial terms had not been agreed. Wilder swooped and signed just before the season started. Seen as a left sided defender who could play left centre back, left wing back and also midfield. Bryan had come through the City ranks and had spells at Bury and Oldham on loan. He was on the bench at Middlesbrough but then disappeared and picked up a number of injuries and it was very stop start. He came back for the u23s around Xmas time and then played in the home game against Barnet. To be honest he was really poor and looked very shaky. Positionally he was all over the place and technically he looked suspect. He did not convince at all. I have seen him a few other u23 games and sadly I am not convinced by him at all. He looks a decent athlete and quite quick but he panics when on the ball and makes mistakes in the appearances I have seen. Looks a long way off being ready for Championship level but at 22 he is not a kid. Needs to go out on loan next season as will be someway off the first team. A signing that was a bit of a low risk, high reward type but one of the few made recently that had not worked yet. Good to see him celebrating with the team and part of things at the end.

    Grade E (Last season NA)

    Jake Wright A big part of the promotion side; Wright even played 10 times in the Championship this season although Richard Stearman and loan player Cameron Carter Vickers; meant his chances were limited. He did ok early on in the season and seemed comfortable at this level but a few knocks and Wilder preferring the two mentioned saw him not feature much post Xmas. This season with John Egan coming in; he seemed to be well down the pecking order and so it proved. I am not sure he has even made the bench this season even in the cup competitions and a number of injuries meant he was not even playing for the u23’s. I did watch him at the Lane in the Sheffield reserve derby and he looked very rusty. There were rumours of loan moves with Bradford, S****horpe and Mansfield mentioned but it never happened. He has one year of his deal left but has been put on the transfer list. If he can get fit; he could still have another 2-3 years of league football. He never relied on his pace and his organisation and reading of the game were his best assets. Sure, he could do a job for a League One/Two side and help young players around him. Was excellent in the Championship campaign and his winning record whilst playing was evidence of how important he was. Made a bigger impact than anyone though and another ***** piece in the early days of the Wilder adventure.

    Grade E (Last season C+)

    Daniel Lafferty A steady eddy type who played a little bit the previous season but lost his place to Stevens and was only seen as a back up. He actually played bits of games in midfield or left side of midfield when we tried to see out some games. Lacked pace and athleticism at this level and Stevens was just a better player despite a few oddly saying he should have another run. He did begin the season on the bench and actually got on against Aston Villa in the thumping win but Wilder wanted a bite more competition and brought in Marvin Johnson, a player he had chased before. From this point Lafferty was not really involved and most of his game time came for the u23’s. In January he went on loan to Peterborough who have since changed managers. He played quite a bit for Posh who were in and around the playoffs but fans views were mixed. Some saying he was decent but others saying he was no better than what they had. I think it is safe to say League One is about his level. He was a good pro for United and a big part of our promotion side but United moved up faster than many thoughts and had to upgrade from steady but fairly reliable pros such as him and Jake Wright. Never really let United down and will be well though of when he leaves this summer as he was unsurprisingly not retained.

    Grade E (Last season D+)

    The rest

    Ben Heneghan was a bit of a Wilder punt when he came in from Motherwell in the August transfer window of 2017. He only played in the cup game against Preston and looked like technically he would struggle in our system. He was a big lad but did not have the athleticism needed at this level. He joined Blackpool on loan and has done ok though although fans accounts are mixed. They had a decent season all things considered. Now 25, he still has another year on his contract which surprised me but I would expect him to be move on for a nominal fee or simply given a free to allow him to join Blackpool or another League One club which looks about his level from where he has played so far in his career. He was put on the transfer list at the season end.

    Callum Semple was allowed to move on after doing well at Queen of the South. Many were surprised by this as saw him having a future at the Lane but at 20 years of age, maybe United were unconvinced having brought him back to train for a period. I am sure they will have negotiated a sell on fee/buy back. He was not a regular for Ross County and was more in the news for breaking rules on gambling although his new club got promoted.

    Jake Bennett played in the League Cup the season previous as a wing back but picked up a number of injuries. This meant his loan at Chesterfield was short-lived after he signed on a season long loan in October and he never played for the Spireites. He came back into the u23’s in the second half of the season but at 23 and out of contract he will move on now you would think.

    Sam Graham spent time at Oldham on loan but ended up in a struggling team and lost his place. Many Latics fans were not impressed and he came back to United. A different loan move was arranged to Central Coast Mariners along with wing back/left midfielder Stephen Mallon. Both have been playing and did feature quite a bit either starting or from the bench in Australia but the standard in this league is not that high. Graham has another year whilst I think Mallon whose progress has been hindered by injuries may be out of contract this summer. Mallon and Graham both did feature quite a bit either starting or from the bench in Australia.

    Rhys Norrington Davies was in and around the first team squad at the start of the season and has drawn rave reviews on loan at Barrow. He played most games for them. He now will probably need a league loan next season to test himself at a higher level.

    Keenan Ferguson is a young defender who has been playing for the u23’s quite a bit but like George Cantrill; think he might be out of contract. Cantrill who can play a number of defensive positions was with Dewhurst at Guiseley from January onwards and also did quite well in non-league football.

    Jean Belehouan came in from Manchester United but has not quite had the impact we would have hoped and his deal is up.

    Some of the younger lads who are at u18 level but have played quite a bit at u23’s and shown some promise for the future includes Harry Boyes who has come from the ranks and Harry Sheppeard; a signing from Tadcaster United. Kyron Gordon only turns 17 this May and has been a regular for the u23 squads and is one that may be worth keeping an eye on. A quick and versatile ball playing defender.

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    Next season

    We are left with the back 5 that finished the season, Stearman and Freeman. Throw in the young lad Bryan who seems a long way away. I would not be shocked if the five that finished the final game start the first game. All five were consistent most off the season. Stevens, O’Connell and Egan are shoe ins for me to be main stays to begin with. I think Baldock played well and will get the chance to start but will see tougher tests at a higher level and has to improve his final output. Bash will be around and play his part in a few positions and feel with other areas we need to improve in, he will also get the starting shot at things. We need serious cover here though. We need a left wing back definitely to compete with Stevens and also maybe a right wing back – Freeman will stay around but was not consistent enough at Championship level and would get destroyed attacking wise at a higher level I feel – again an area we may need to upgrade over time. Stearman is a steady eddy but lacks pace and strength as shown when we struggled the previous season. He again will be kept around for now but we need at least one cover centre back; maybe two. It is not inconceivable to say we need maybe 4 new players here to compete with the 5 that are already here. Would love us to sign the lad James from Chelsea (been on loan at Wigan) as he can play midfield too but fear he may got to a club with more financial clout. I see us signing maybe someone like Jake Cooper from Millwall as cover and he may got back for the lad Lenighan at Blackburn if it is just for cover options but the reality is neither of these are good enough but he may have to get these types in using his funds and big spending for the areas higher up the pitch.

    Player / Position Years remaining (contract expires)


    Martin Cranie Out of contract (2019) - released
    Daniel Lafferty Out of contract (2019) - released
    Jake Bennett Out of contract (2019)
    Stephen Mallon Out of contract (2019)
    Keenan Ferguson Out of contract (2019)
    George Cantrill Out of contract (2019)
    Jake Wright 1 year (2020) – transfer listed
    Rhys Norrington Davies 1 year (2020)?
    Sam Graham 1 year (2020)
    Ben Heneghan 1 year (2020) – transfer listed
    George Baldock 1 year (2020)
    Richard Stearman 1 year (2020)
    Kieron Freeman 1 year (2020)
    Chris Basham 2 years (2021)
    Enda Stevens 3 years (2022)
    John Egan 3 years (2022)
    Jack O’Connell 4 years (2023)

    Return to loan club:

    Marvin Johnson back to Middlesbrough

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