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Thread: That time of year again

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    That time of year again

    For the Scottish media to wind up the O.F fans and convince them they are about to join the EPL. This has been sold every single season and doesn’t look like ending anytime soon. Even the gormless hoards don’t take the bait anymore. They seem to have accepted they’re fate that they are stuck with us for eternity. Expect another fabricated story after new year 🙄 _campaign=organic

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    There might be a wee glint of hope for the erse cheeks to move to England, only last week both the bigot clubs along with Hibs and the sheepies decided to pull their respective reserve teams out of the Scottish reserve league to join Huddersfield and another English club in a 6 team league, so we never know do we?

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    The next time that their board members talk about them going to England, the rest of the teams should get them thrown out the league. They undervalue our league up here with their antics and the league should call their bluff. Kick them out and prepare for a league without them...rather than wait for it to happen. They complain about no competition but will buy any prospect from other teams just to not have to play against them and the league will turn a blind eye to them spending money they don't have to ensure that the tv companies get a bigot fest a couple of times a year. Kick them out and go it alone. I don't think the club's would be any worse off for doing it.

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    Seriously need to get rid of the two Weegie Scum clubs. Our game up here is teetering in the brink of incompetence, disinterest and irrelevance. Our leagues would improve without them and the s.hite that goes with them.

    Personally I’m all for an East Coast league, could be interesting. Mind you the sheepsha.ggers voting with the Tims on the league voting structure ( how did that work out for sheep pusses ? ) and pulling out the U21 league (?) kind of shows you the mind set of some idiots. Seriously not hopeful for the future of Scottish Fitba, if it wasn’t for my love of United I would have bailed out years ago. Our game up here really is potentially, if not an actual, mess run by complete incompetents and clueless small minded fools, and don’t get me started on the utter muppetry of feking FIFA.
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