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Thread: Well Done

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    Well Done

    On your win at the Turf,it was thoroughly deserved and would have been more emphatic but for a very very bad VAR decision for offside.. It's making a mockery of football and needs sorting out fast.. Anyway getting back to the game,you bossed the first half and we were awful..The second half we improved slightly but never really did enough to get back in the game..

    Sorry to see the injuries to Heaton and Wesley and hope they make a swift recovery.. I've noticed quite a few of your fans have been saying the tackle on Wesley was a bad one,but in my opinion it was just a hard and fair challenge from Ben Mee with no malice meant whatsoever.. Both players going in for a 50/50 ball.

    I wish you you all the best for the rest of the season and think you will climb the league and finish mid table.. As for us I'm of the opinion that we are going down fast and will be in a relegation battle after our Brexit few matches..
    Stay safe and all the best Alfie ..

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    Nice of you yo come om Al with a decent round up. I think the challenge on wes looks bad from the still photos, his leg is bent the wrong way but i must admit at the time from the TV it did not look like it was meant. He went down like he does and i thought after a cold spray he would get back up as he is a big lad. He will be out for a year at least. Shame he was just coming good.
    As for the Game, i would have taken a point before the game but if you add all the sitters we missed we probably should have ended up with 4 or 5 which seems riddiculous when you look at how bad we have been on the road.
    Anyway, thanks again and remember, you real fans from a real club are always welcome on here.
    All the best for the rest of the season.
    And dont mention VAR as it is anti football.....

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    I couldn't see anything wrong with Mee's tackle to be honest, but then again I come from the era of Billy Bremner, Norman Hunter and Ron Harris, where men were men and divers were stamped on.

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    Cheers Al, I haven't seen anything from us about Mee's challenge. It was old fashioned and he got the ball. I've seen a few posts from Liverpool fans saying it was the same as the Joe Gomez tackle that broke his leg. With VAR if it was over the top he would have been sent off. The offside decision was the most ludicrous decision so far... But I'm sure it has more to give! Players will be all shaving their heads to make sure their hair isn't playing them offside soon.

    I looked at the fixture list a while back and thought we would hopefully get 4 wins over the Xmas period. I also looked at Burnley's... You've got some horrible fixtures coming up. Best of luck, I like what Burnley have done and what Dyche has achieved with his recruitment. I read somewhere you're club is in the black, to the tune of 80m. Which is incredible in this day and age!

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