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    Well that was poor. Back to the old formation i guess with 2 centre backs.

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    I played golf today and took my mind off the game as i knew we would lose. We will be back to a stronger Villa and 352 for the semis and the visit of Man Citeh. Just who cares about the FA Cup anymore?

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    Sadly it's gone the same way as the UEFA and European Cup Winners Cup competitions - won't mean much to the younger generation but plenty to those of us who were around to see epics and watch the Final on TV at the end of the season. It means a lot to lower league teams visiting the grounds of the big boys - personally I hate that we have not won an FA Cup match in 4 years, that's a terrible stat.

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    Just shows most these fringe players ainít up for fighting for a place in the team imo.. we was really poor. Kodja didnít seem interested at all which is worrying cos guessing heíll be playing against Leicester unless we sign a striker n throw him straight in ?

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    Agree Dazzy and Kodija hasn't looked interested for ages now which is a massive insult to the fans who pay to watch & to the club who pays his wages. Contrast that with Wesley who works tirelessly and until the last game has been isolated.

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