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Thread: Long and Grimshaw...

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    Long and Grimshaw...

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    I expect talks are going on with a few more besides. Here's a reminder of the pinned First team squad and contracts 2019/20.

    First team squad under contract.

    1 Trevor Carson (2022)
    13 Rohan Ferguson (2020, on loan to Linfield till June 2020)
    20 Mark Gillespie (2020)

    2 Richard Tait (2020)
    5 Peter Hartley (2020)
    15 Barry Maguire (2020)
    18 Charles Dunne (2020)
    21 Adam Livingstone (2020) (on loan to Morton)
    22 Liam Donnelly (2022)
    3 Jake Carroll (2021)
    31 Declan Gallagher (2021)
    24 Bevis Mugabi (2021)

    4 Liam Grimshaw (2020)
    6 Allan Campbell (2021)
    7 David Turnbull (2021)
    8 Casper Sloth (2021)
    14 Jermaine Hylton (2021)
    19 Liam Polworth (2021)
    52 Mark O'Hara (on loan from Peterborough 2020)


    9 Chris Long (2020)
    16 Christian Ilic (2020)
    12 Christy Manzinga (2020+option)
    11 Sherwin Seedorf (2021)
    17 James Scott (2022)
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    Good news. Quite a few defenders out of contract this year too and we may ned a back up keeper. Of those out of contract maybe only Dunne and Hartley might justify a new deal. Barry Maguire? Our league position is allowing us to start sorting out contract extensions.

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    Maguire seems to have been a wasted year - I wouldn't rule out renewing but it seems unlikely.

    I'd keep Tait in the squad if possible despite his dip, wait and see on Dunne and say thanks to Hartley unless he takes a more performance based contract (assuming he's one of our higher earners). Livingstone will obviously go.

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    Bit harsh on Pedro there IMO. Clearly made any partner he's had a better and more confident player. Sort of see your reasoning on the injury front, but I think the pro's outweigh the negatives.

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    Aye, it's just a view from the outside, if club are confident in his fitness I'd trust their judgement on a new deal quite happily.

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