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Thread: Positives from today

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    Positives from today

    Thanks to Milburn for the kick up the arse (I know it wasn't intended as that but it was a timely reminder). we go:

    Almiron scored. Would have been a good finish for any striker and can only do his growing confidence good. His attitude and work rate show Joelshinton the way to go.

    A very good point away to a very good team. Fair play to Bruce for setting us up to do that-a point not many of us expected, tbf.

    Dubravka-continues to be brilliant.

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    I have just stumbled into the hotel, but I was there and you are spot on there..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zippity View Post

    Dubravka-continues to be brilliant.
    Don't say that. Now he'll drop a clanger next week.

    Almiron is a huge plus

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    Positives are many.
    It shows a fighting spirit even amid injuries.
    It shows that given time, players like Almiron who some slaughtered as being nothing but a runner, is a very very top player who simply rides on confidence.

    Dubravka regularly stands up to be counted.
    Our defence, even amid change, work hard and also two brothers who have been bit part, are learning their trade the hard way and are edging themselves into it.

    A point away to a very good Wolves team is a massive positive considering the bad luck we're having with injuries.
    Another positive is how Bruce and co are setting us up under that strain of injuries.

    And a massive positive is, we have some really talented players close to come back dates.

    More potential positives (fingers massively crossed) is the addition of a few youngsters into the fold, on top of the two Brother Longstaff's... in Kell Watts and Tom Allan.

    For me it feels like a nudge in the right direction of good old grass roots football.

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